You’re Infected With Selective Outrage Propaganda

Did you see anyone showing their support of the Uighur Muslims being GENOICIDED at the recent State Of The Union? No? Just Ukraine? Did you see ANY pro America support? No? We just talked about one of the most corrupt nations on the planet with an actual official division of NEO NAZIS in it’s military? Where were all the profile frames during the Olympics to raise awareness for the MASS GENOCIDE? I mean, that would be very important to you, seeing how an ETHNIC CLEANSING is worse than an invasion…right? You mean, we could have banned CCP things here and world wide to punish them for all the Tibetan monks they slaughtered?? No fly zones? We had the ability this ENTIRE TIME to PUNISH them for their concentration camps where they harvest the living organs of Muslims? Where they forcibly rape and sterilize women?

Remember the bio warfare that leaked from a lab in a nation with concentration camps torturing human beings? Remember all those people who died that you weaponized in your arguments against people online to DO AS THEY ARE TOLD, or they are very bad and selfish? Your politicians seem to have forgotten as well! How silly of all of us! China, who is the biggest threat to the planet…. are always getting away with horrific atrocities…including unleashing and covering up a MASS PANDEMIC they caused. I am sure they feel VERY held accountable! We are REALLY showing them that there are repercussions to running CONCENTRATION CAMPS! America is tough on people who do bad things to innocents! Now, ask yourself… why your evil and demonic politicians haven’t done the same to China that we are doing to Russia when they have committed WORSE crimes against humanity? You REALLY think our government gives a RATS ASS about the Ukrainian people???? When people accuse me of being pro Putin, all I see are a bunch of SHEEP…marching along to whatever their masters tell them to walk towards. A hive-mind of selective outrage programmed into them by viciously evil political elites.

The you SCREAM…” BUT, you can care about BOTH!” You tend to loudly proclaim this when I point out that you are marching like a zombie to the pro-war propaganda and turning a blind eye to a country committing FAR WORSE crimes. We have seen all the movements and posts you put out there to virtue signal for the establishment. It proves JUST how much you can care about both! The Russian leader is actually JUST like Hitler, according to you. Even though it’s the nation NEXT to his with those pesky concentration camps you tend to ignore completely with your politicians. You know, the place that caused the pandemic that made you cower in fear for YEARS and beg to be told what to do and how to do it. How silly of me to point out your hypocrisy and your inability to do anything other than OBEY your overlords!

I have never been more afraid for humanity in my life. Pure programming…..

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