You Are Not Alone In Feeling Alone!

I think many of us feel more alone than we ever have in our entire lives. When you log onto your social media, you see all your friends and family spewing hate, posting NONSTOP outrage posts, CANCEL (insert person here) or trying to condescendingly educate you. No matter what you do, it sometimes feels like you can’t escape the negativity, high horse riding or nonstop virtue signaling. Outrage is the new norm. Every moment of every day our media feeds us more and more of it, pushing humanity into a frothing mouthed frenzy.

For me, I have been alone on a mountain with my husband since my surgery this past January. I haven’t seen a single friend or family member outside of my husband for almost 6 entire months. I LOVE my husband, but I have never felt such a need to feel connected with those I love. It has become increasingly more and more difficult to feel tapped into those I need most. I had to mute them all! NONSTOP political posts, NONSTOP spewing hatred at Trumpsters or Demoncrats. NONSTOP bullying and dispicable behavior as far as the eye can see. I miss the people I love very much. I miss us all behaving a hell of a lot better than this. I truly believe locking us in our towers and letting politics control our news has made society lose their minds. I used tweet delete to swipe my twitter clean and have no desire to engage in politics. In fact, I believe twitter is the source of the evil. Mentally, it is destroying me. I know I am NOT alone in this feeling!

I sell Avon. I use ALL my platforms to do so. I am a saleswoman and I enjoy what I do. I quit entertainment more than 5 years ago and I am not a celebrity political activist. I am an Avon Lady. I have no desire to condemn or preach to anyone, anywhere….EVER. I miss civility and sanity. I feel the meaner or more outrageous and destructive you are, the more you are publicly rewarded. Everyone is getting their fix from posting things and trying to go viral with nonstop outrage…instead of connecting with each other and showing love. I shut off all media. I refuse to have this narrative pushed upon me anymore.

You aren’t alone in this. I promise to make all my little facebook live streams as upbeat as possible and am committed to not preaching a single thing to anyone. I think we have all had our fill! Many of you tune in not to shop, but to just hang out…so I would like to remain steadfast in providing some reprieve to all of this!


Love exists….but for the most part, not on the internet! lol


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