Xenophobes Question the CCP & Our Corrupt Government!

China destroyed the coral reefs in their sea to build militarized islands against the UN and other treaties…then lied and said it wasn’t for military. Nothing happened. No environmentalists cared. They paid off corrupt opfficials to turn a blind eye.  They pour pollution into our air. No one cares.

China went on the offense and started harassing countries, stealing ships, etc after it leaked covid….and our news said you are all xenophobic if you dare hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity….China bought out the WHO and Americans lapped up all the Beijing approved propaganda that came from it..

Our sitting president defended China and said holding them accountable makes you xenophobic. China pollutes the planet nonstop…but Greta and friends never utter a word…instead, they scold the countries who try to save our planet… that is VERY safe for them to do because they are all cowards. China owns Hollywood and all our news outlets and feeds you Chinese propaganda as they topple everyone around them In their quest for world dominance. Spoon feeding Americans propaganda to make them hate their own country to aid the CCP in their quest to topple the world into submission. Hong Kong fell. No one cared! They marched the streets with TRUMP FLAGS and American Flags, NOT Beijing Biden flags. I wonder why those silly people would make such a mistake?  Taiwan is next to fall. Then? Japan and all their secrets they share with their allies the US after for China to plunder… but don’t be a xenophobe! Don’t you dare question the CCP or their concentration camps!

Be a good little American and watch kitty videos and scream about 99 genders while China asserts itself into everything and anything….unquestioned…unchallenged… even holding the Olympics as it tortures human beings. Make sure you call everyone in America a Nazi while the CCP conducts Nazi-like experiments on human beings in concentration camps….unchallenged because you lapped up their CCP approved propaganda in our news. We are SO racist and oh so very bad!

Communism is good!! The cultural revolution was critical CLASS theory. We just tweaked it a tad to critical RACE theory and now it is very good! Chinas economy is BASED on MARXISM! Celebrate Karl Marx in Chinese paid for colleges in the west! Topple the west. We are evil, Racist and bad! Nothing to see here! Continue to ignore concentration camps, the destruction of our environment by the biggest unchecked polluter on earth…and pretend you are good people. YES…Good people ignore Nazi-like experimentation on human beings.

Happy Sunday!

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