Women Ruining Their Faces

Let’s chat Botox, fillers and lifts. I am not going to post any pictures, because that is cruel. However, I want to know, do these women just not notice how bad it looks? Is it that desperation to attain youth overrides sane criticism when they look into a mirror? Some of the greatest beauties who ever lived in our time are now looking more and more Alien as the days pass. Is aging that horrible that stretching your face to look like a Muppet is a better deal? All these products promising youth. All these doctors, lasers, and procedures making claims that you’ll look AMAZING. It comes at a cost. By the time you discover what that cost is, it’s too late.
Seriously, do you think no one notices your forehead doesn’t move? Do you think you will be the special person that dodges having to get a large amount of fillers after you have atrophied all your muscles by injecting shit into them to paralyze them? I have seen it happen a trillion times. Botox, Botox, Botox, SAG, SAG , SAG! Your muscles are needed to keep your skin lifted. If you are that hell bent on ridding yourself of wrinkles, in a few years you will have to start filling your face with that balloon like shit to remedy the damage you did by injecting botulism into your damn face. These doctors and procedures are lies. Over time you simply look scary as all fuck…and inhuman. We have all seen these people walking around. you TRY not to stare, but it’s almost impossible!
I have seen MANY women age gracefully. Sure, they use their creams, eat well, etc, but they do NOT doctor their face to being unrecognizable. We glorify aging celebrity women who do get work and make believe that is attainable for us all. Before you know it, these great beauties resemble a bloated fish more than their old selves. I think, when it comes to this shit, I am going to just AGE. We are ALL going to age. It’s OK. If you are like, 65 and want to try Botox, that makes more sense than being 30 and pumping your face full of shit! I mean, some ON, ladies! You are going mental! I am pretty committed to marching to the beat of my own drum. In a world full of women reaching for unattainable perfection, I am powering through being my own version of Olive. I am amazing being ME.
This January, I am having my breast implants removed. I will finally be 100% ME. I am so excited to rid myself of the toxic mindset women have jumped into. Even now, people tell me “you haven’t aged!” etc. That stresses me out! I WILL age, and it’s coming sooner rather than later. I feel occasional pressure to try to look like I did when I hit the scene. I can’t. It isn’t possible. I am 3o fucking 7 years old. I am NOT 20. I am gonna get old as fuck, and I guess I’m just going to deal with that shit. I think more of us need to jump on this train. I’m just gonna slather myself in half off Avon (my discount!) and hope for the best.


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