Winter Came…and it was LAME. GOT review

Last week, I watched the most highly anticipated episode of any series ever. Since book 1 and season one, The Battle Of Winterfell… The Great War has been teased nonstop. It (the show) started with the walkers. The ENTIRE STORY was how bad ass these guys were and how THE GAME OF THRONES political battles between families ARE NOTHING…and that this was the ONLY war that mattered. The prince who was promised..the prophecies. ALL OF THESE THINGS MATTER. The STORY matters!

Jon Snow’s ENTIRE STORY ARC has been the wall, the walkers, the night king. However, FUCK the entire plot… just toss Arya in…who’s story has NOTHING TO DO with the fucking great war, the prince who was promised, etc…. wielding the SAME MOVE Rey did in Star wars to make feminists happy. I am a woman. I am NOT happy. This was the shittest writing I HAVE EVER been exposed to…and I fucking watched TWILIGHT. Do you hear me? TWILIGHT! Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards…The explosion of the Sept….Stannis laying siege to Kings Landing…ALL way better in every way. Can we mention the thick PLOT ARMOR? No one cared Ser Jorah died. You have been waiting for it forever. However, what was his fucking story? IT MAKES NO SENSE! Theon? Expected from the moment he told Bran he would defend him. Jesus Christ! NO ONE ELSE DIED! The great battle….and NO ONE DIES! Not even POD! Come on! In the GOOD DAYS, half if not MORE of everyone we loved would be DEAD. NAME ME a SINGLE Dothraki who died? I am waiting! Name me a single unsullied that died? TWO DEATHS? I cant even make Beric count, he was dead in like, book 3!

My entire home is a nod to Winterfell. All my decorations are sigils, etc. My WEDDING was based off Game Of Thrones. I forgave the shitty writing of the last season. I was ok with the story telling going from stellar to bad. I forgave the boring crapfest of episode 1…episode 2 gave me hope….But this? This is fucking ABYSMAL. ARYA had no fucking business killing the night king. She has nothing to do with his story. Jon wasn’t even THERE when the Night King died! Jon is OVER. He was a useless dumb dumb as is Dany and her dumb dumb do nothing Dragons. WHO CARES ANYMORE? Why tell us the house battles mean nothing for fucking 8 seasons…then magically have the last 3 EPIOSDES of the show be about THE HOUSE WARS!???

The Night King was super weak and stupid. What a horrible waste of what could have been an interesting character. What was the point? What was the point of Bran? Strongest warg/green seer EVER and he doesnt do anything? GHOST is a Ghost. The Direwolves are just as huge a part as the dragons…but who cares. Why would jon send his fucking direwolf into the charge? Just help me! We got NO ANSWERS TO ANYTHING. A flying magical girl who can water dance over a thousand walkers and The Night King’s commanders…literally FLOATING THROUGH THE FUCKING AIR… ended the war? Did anyone notice Dany threw her beloved armies OUTSIDE THE WALL and protected the Northerners INSIDE of it? They said they wanted this to be like Helms deep, maybe they could have learned about HOW TO WAGE A WAR and where to place your army from fucking THEODEN.

Fine, if Arya had killed the Night King like Éowyn slayed the fell beast AND The witch King…sure….so long as Jon had his THEODEN moments where he made a difference in some way. Nope! Jon and Dany were useless. The entire Dothraki, gone in 2 seconds. This entire SHIT FEST was covered up by pretty visuals…if your screen was light enough to EVEN SEE THEM. Also LORD VARYS HASN’T SAID A FUCKING WORD ALL SEASON! You take mother fucking 80 years to tell a story…then jam too much into too little of a last season that you forget a bunch of characters even EXIST!

Fuck off, HBO writers. I supported this show since before it came out. Preached how great it was before anyone even cared of it’s existence. I dedicated almost a decade of paying for HBO simply for THIS. This entire show was a waste of my time…well, not the first 4 seasons.

Why are there 3 episodes left? WHO CARES? I don’t think I can even bring myself to watch this travesty to nerdom. For the first time EVER, I am not happy and or excited to watch any more Game Of Thrones.

It’s fine if you liked this. I am happy for you. I am glad someone somewhere isn’t as heart broken as I am. I dedicated years of my life reading, rereading these books…watching and rewatching a show that literally took a steaming shit on the brilliant story it was telling for a shock factor…like a shitty horror flick.


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