When Factual Observations Are Labeled “PHOBIC”

Making an observation about the physical advantages one my have over women is now labeled as “phobic”.  Some would simply call this a factual observation….but in an attempt to bully and silence dissent….you will be told you are things you are not till you shut up and do as you are told. The number one thing you MUST do? Deny REALITY so someone else can be happy…even if it is at YOUR expense. They matter more than you do. You? Well, YOU are NOTHING.

TAYLOR MAY Silverman is a skateboarder who got 2nd place to a person who identifies as female. On her Instagram she shares a post of her speaking out against the physical advantages and unfairness her opponent has against her.She explains how she reached out to the competition and told them how she felt robbed. She would have placed first. Biological men have better hand eye coordination amongst NUMOROUS other things. I do not know of any medicines or therapy that dumbs down your hand eye coordination to be that of a female. That is not hate. That is a simple fact She spoke up at how unfair she felt the competition was and how AFRAID she was to speak up. She was executed by the CULT. I commented in support of her bravery, and the attacks against me started. The people attacking me are anything but mentally sound. They have even tagged me in videos of them screeching and acting like they are in a mental ward. I suppose this is to insult me, but it deeply troubles me people THIS unhinged are calling the shots in our society. To observe physical advantages is now to be “phobic”. You must deny reality and shut up.. .and do as you are told. As women, we are bashed and insulted if we simply say “hey, this isn’t FAIR.” It is fair, PRETEND it is fair…because if you DO NOT PRETEND….you will be “othered”.

This is what society being cowardly and silent has gotten us. The actual denial of reality. Those who point out reality are villainized and smeared publicly. WOMEN are being hurt and they are laughed at and MOCKED for not just enjoying having things they worked hard for taken by someone with obvious physical advantages. You should be GLAD someone with every advantage over you took what you worked for.

Asking for another category for competitions so women stop getting the floor mopped with their face is not hate. It is not phobia. What is happening is abuse. When you are told you are bullying and shaming someone simply by pointing out they have physical advantages over you due to them being born a way they WISH they were not….that is what abusive spouses and family members do when they GASLIGHT their victims. Healthy discussion without insults desperately needs to make a return. This cult is destroying our society. Stop letting 10% of the population of the planet call all the shots. Stop cowering in fear. Stand up. Women in our past who fought for our rights would be ashamed at the deafening silence coming from their fellow woman.

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