What’s REALLY Happening W/Joe Rogan

It wasn’t about covid misinformation. If it was, they wouldn’t have kept digging for other reasons to cancel Joe. When I saw Joe saying that he would bring more establishment approved guests to counter those the establishment works tirelessly to silence …I knew it wasn’t enough because they want JOE GONE. His is the ONLY platform that can lift the voices of those the establishment has crushed…His apology included the ok of trying to force him to bring more of their propaganda onto his platform. They already own every news Network. Joe can give a platform to NON-ESTABLISHMENT APPROVED candidates before the primaries. Joe can offer information and ideas that counter the globalist elite approval. If you can’t say the N word IN CONTEXT, but Joe Biden CAN for YEARS….it was NEVER about the N word. THEY WANT JOE GONE…period. They hate him. They would celebrate if he killed himself.

Never apologize. Even if you ARE sorry, do not give the brain dead mob controlled by the establishment the power they WANT over you. Each apology is an admission of your evil. You will never be redeemed. There is no forgiveness for you. The only want to hurt you, maim you and destroy you. I truly believe the “accountability mob” wants the people they target to commit suicide. Dave Chapelle’s friend leapt from a building and ended their life when the mob came for them. Their crime? Being Dave’s FRIEND. That’s it. They secretly rejoiced when they made her kill herself. Her narrative was not the APPROVED trans narrative so she HAD to be eliminated. They bullied her. They posted on reddit bullying her. They contacted her loved ones to trash her, her community…till she killed herself.

These bullies that target peoples jobs, communities, family’s and more WANT to make people kill themselves. They excuse their evil because they pretend they are doing some wonderful and positive thing by judging someone and hurting them to the point of utter despair. They believe they are the judge and jury. Their feelings trump any facts or logic. They want you to DIE. They are no better than a murderer, to me. It is their intent.

I am so sad to see one of the last beacons of free speech in it’s death throes for all to see.

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