What Drives Us To “Overshare”?

Sometimes, I feel compelled to share some personal life experience or issue on social media. I’ve even typed things out in full in the past. Then, I realize that I should not share this much of my life on this kind of bullhorn announcement center. Something I’d share with my family isnt something a coworker, neighbor or aquantaince should be privy to. When I see others share deep information, I almost feel exposed FOR them. It’s like, watching someone bleed out of a wound they refuse to tie off…watching them slowly die in front of a theater of yes men, cheering them on.

When did we become so desperate to expose the very core of our beings to people who niether cherish nor appreciate it? What drives people to need someone to relate to them so badly they’re willing to smear their utmost darkest and most personal thoughts and feelings on a public announcement board?

Sound off. I want to hear your thoughts!


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