The Transition From SOMETHING to NOTHING…

A bit extreme, but my point will get across. From 2003 till 2016 I was in Entertainment. Anytime I landed a gig the support and cheers I got from people I knew to people I didn’t were staggering. I felt pretty accomplished and had a lot of drive to keep achieving. Transitioning my life back to normalcy has not always been the easiest on me mentally. Outside of the constant snide and underhanded comments of the outside world, the near silence I hear through all my personal big life moments and career stuff has been hard to get used to.

People feel excited when they can look at a TV and see or hear someone they know. It is something they can tell others about that is far more interesting than “Adrianne sells avon”.  I used to be the person people would use in a conversation if there was a runway show on tv, if top model was on, etc. Now that I am not in that world. It can sometimes be a hard adjustment.  Surprisingly, I am not talking about fans or even appearing on a screen…I am talking about people asking about what I do for a living. I am talking about when I am proud of something I achieved and state it…and there is a thunderous silence in comparison to what I had been accustomed to. I must come off as so mundane and uninteresting to people in comparison to my former tv star/model/red carpet/ comic con life.

Learning to validate myself and to only expect a “amazing!” or “good job!” from a select few people in comparison to the large support group I once had has been incredibly humbling. I suppose I was tossed into the game at such an early age, it was something I became incredibly accustomed to. In one year, I managed to become one of Avon’s top selling reps. I worked my ass right off and put all of myself into changing my life and it was a lot of grit and determination. Learning to accept the back pats from my hubby and a select few has been one of my life’s biggest challenges.

What a weird thing, right? Most of us do not get any fucking validation for the hard work we do in life. As my husband said, I just so happened to land an impossible gig…doing impossible things….and it was so rare, people took notice. My transition into normalcy has been HUGE. I have had a lot of life adjustments. Getting used to no one asking about my work has surprisingly been one of the biggest!


(PIC: Wearing JULIA jewelry from Avon…Avon iconics collection eyeshadow and blush, true color brow definer and love at first lash mascara, and flawless foundation?


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