The Nerdy Home

I LOVE keeping my home as perfect as I can. I love it clean, toilets and sinks scrubbed and the entire thing vacuumed DAILY. Every other day I want it dusted and mopped I love laundry done, folded and hanged, socks matched and a perfectly made bed within a half hour of waking. Yankee Candles burning, glade plugins scenting, and fresh towels hung in every bathroom. I cook breakfast and dinner every single day…and not some boxed shit from hamburger helper. I want a house that is warm and welcoming to anyone who walks in….

I thought I’d show off a few pics of my home here and there. I may not cosplay anymore due to saving for property and adulting, but I am certainly making one perfect Hobbit Hole!!!


Hobbit Meals!
The Doors of Durin
Our Bedroom Entrance
Winter Is Coming
Shortcut to Mushrooms
House Curry…. 😛 Maybe HBO can make me a Curry-Rhode one now?
The North Remembers
He looks Nice Next to Jesus


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