The Cult Is Taking Over

Live and let live used to be the motto. COEXIST. Now, unless you lock step with EVERY belief of someone in this new progressive religion…they label you a “phobe” or “racist”. My gay relatives and I laugh our ASSES off when I tell them internet trolls run around claiming I am anti gay. These progressive cultist people are so psychotic, it is frightening to watch them. They scare me to my core. They are mentally NOT RIGHT. Yet, big corporations bend to the will of a few simply because they are filled with Zealotry. Regular people cower in fear and refuse to stand up and scream “ENOUGH” because of how evil and cruel this mob of sociopaths can be.

When did people get THIS insane? When did they decide that ONLY their beliefs are acceptable? Chris Pratt legit sits there EXISTING and is viciously attacked all day by people who CLAIM they are for acceptance. They lie. They only are kind to those who do as they DICTATE to them to do. You cannot be a Christian who believes gay is a sin….yet still treats people with love and kindness. NOPE. You MUST LOCK STEP with EVERY belief or you will be destroyed. It isn’t enough to coexist. YOU must alter your language. YOU must bend the knee. YOU must say the sky is black, math is racist, and practice communism or YOU are the bad guy. They are anti Christian, anti Jewish and anti Muslim…as they believe ANY religion that doesn’t crash to it’s knees and accept their ideology are hateful bigots. They are too cowardly to attack the Muslims right now, but they already started picking at the Jewish people. They are practicing Marxists, following the writings of Karl Marx on power structures, etc. Full blown COMMIES. Just because someone doesn’t accept what you are doing as right doesn’t mean they are against you. ONLY the Sith deal in absolutes. You people lived long enough to see yourself become the villain.

It was this very behavior, these vicious and bigoted attacks I watched occur against the church that really shook my soul and led me back to God. I saw them claw at their faces and SCREECH that huge violent protests (backed by a COMMUNIST organization) that caused BILLIONS in damages were VERY GOOD AND SAFE….but that praying in a church was dangerous. Then, my old political power PLASTERED the slogan of the COMMUNISTS all over their stage! That was what sent me over. The hypocrisy, the blatant LIES. I had read that book (bible) many times. Old stories hold truths. This has happened before…history repeats itself. This is not a movement to something better. This is the crumbling of civilization! This is FASCISM meets MARXISM. Social Credit scores like the CCP deals with. Public shaming and “struggle sessions” via the internet. I am utterly disgusted. “Accountability” = COMMUNIST struggle session. Of course, the corrupt politicians are protected and worshipped. Only fellow citizens are to be targeted and destroyed.

I have never encountered more evil and vicious human beings in my life. How they can even CLAIM they come from a community of love and acceptance is beyond laughable. It is as if ALL self awareness has been drained from their brains. Unless you agree to do as you are instructed to make THEM feel good, you will be ostracized and attacked. Even if what they are asking you to do isn’t based in ANY facts or REALITY outside of the communist teachings of Karl Marx. They want to destroy your family, your friendships, your job and your very LIFE. I truly believe their goal is to make ANYONE who doesn’t lock step with their beliefs commit suicide. They behave EXACTLY as I would if I was trying to drive someone to off themselves. They WANT to see people die. They outwardly say it. Unvaccinated? DIE. Live your life eating pies and do nothing for your health? That isnt the same! Ugh.

I can get along with anyone. My best friend is a self proclaimed Satanist (not what I’d wish for her, but I love her) and my other best friend is a huge Socialist (not my way at all.) I don’t have to conform to their beliefs for them to love and accept me. THAT is tolerance and acceptance, in case you psychopaths wanted to know. You people are practicing COMMUNISM. The ONLY comfort I get, is knowing full well they will come for YOU once your lunacy has toppled the Western World. You will be last to fall….and it will be more painful and bitter than it was for ANY of those you so viciously attacked like the animals you have become.

Every name they call you, they are. Nazi? Nope, that is them. THEY would point to the floorboards if the nazis came in looking for Jewish people. These Authoritarians would NOT be able to withstand the power of 95% of the population standing up and crying ENOUGH. So, what are we waiting for?

Our search engines are rigged to sway a narrative. We are spied on by all our devices. Information is SUPRESSED to sway our elections. Our media is all propaganda. Information is APPROVED by the establishment. Who is pushing this narrative of Marxism? Who keeps funding woke garbage that flops in the tunes of losing hundreds of millions? CHINA. CHINA is funding the toppling of Western Civilization. Make sure you GOOGLE that, I am sure they won’t steer you wrong!


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