The Chicken Factory Is Up And Running!

After a lot of careful thought and consideration for what I wanted in terms of raising chickens…I decided to settle on an 2 Omlet Eglu Cube chicken coops and a Walk in chicken run to raise our 18 chickens.

The plastic coop and ease of cleaning really attracted me to it. We have a pressure washer, so easy peasy. We have another Eglu cube that we will be using to raise our meat birds with a 9 foot run . We bought 8 cinnamon queens and 10 buff orpingtons.


My husband also built me a 5×4 wooden coop on top of assembling all my Omlet products. An Omlet Cube isn’t good for a big ole rooster, so we needed somewhere for him to hang out.  We surrounded the chicken factory with an electric fence. We live with Grizzlies, cougars, black bears, wolves, moose, elk,  and more. A grizzly can tear a door off your car and break into your home. It didn’t matter if we built an army chicken base….so long as we enclose them in a electric fence, we will be getting the most security we can. I also placed solar powered flashing motion lights up to deter predators.


After installing, we decided to extend our run…and are currently awaiting the pieces to arrive in the mail to do so…as well as a few more Omlet tarps to fend off wind and rain.

I am notoriously bad when it comes to constructing anything. I even mess up basic IKEA furniture….lol. However, I did decide to try my hand at installing the Auto Coop Door and coop light. It may have taken me a bit longer than it would MOST humans…but I did it! I did it and didn’t mess it up! It was REALLY hot out, and I was happy to have the eglu as shade while I worked!


it installs BEHIND the normal door, which is awesome because you don’t have to remove it.


We were introducing them to the coop for the first day….so I shut the manual door while the auto was open. You can see both in this photo.


We have our buffs in the brooder, and I am looking forward to them all growing up and joining our cinnamon queens!


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