Tampons Vs. Maxi Pads! FIGHT!

It’s been 25 years since I wore a maxi pad. I HATED them. They felt like a huge bulky diaper. The moment I got over my fear to insert a tampon, I never turned back. Fast Forward to me being a 36 year old woman with a LOT of Uterine issues….I started reading up on Tampons and was a little shocked and saddened at my lack of awareness of what I keep inserting into my body every month.  I had always heard of toxic shock syndrome, but I don’t think I ever really cared. Upon looking it up, I realized it simply wasn’t worth the risk. Maybe If I go swimming or something, I’ll cork it…but daily? Nightly? I think I am going to pass.

Then, I realized it is the FDA saying Tampons are SAFE. The very people who told me my breast implants were safe. They’re NOT. Why would I trust a corrupt organization swayed by bribes to take advantage of women to look out for what is best with my vagina? They certainly didn’t care that I could develop a rare form of STAGE 4 LYMPHOMA from my breast implants! Just like with breast implants, not many studies…or certainly, not enough to satisfy MY desires have taken place to prove this is safe. Why on EARTH would there not be TONS of studies on an object millions upon millions of women insert into their body for a week each month? Corruption is the only answer I could think of.

What exactly are we shoving up our cunt that the FDA says is good? Tampons contain Rayon, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester which make up their outter layer. Uh. ok? Also, because Tampons are considered a medical device by the lovely FDA…wait for it… MANUFACTURES ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ISSUE A FULL DISCLOSURE OF WHAT IS IN THEM! This killed me. This is exactly what they do with toxic breast implants. Fuck you, FDA! They contain GMO’s, which many don’t even want to EAT. “Tampons have odor neutralizers, dyes, pesticides and fragrances, which have an undisclosed mixture of chemicals that have been linked to endocrine disrupters, allergies, rashes, respiratory distress, cancer, birth defects, dryness and infertility.” INFERTILITY. that was the word that hit me hardest…considering….


Our vaginal wall is super thin and allows things to seep into our blood stream. A maxi pad is not rubbing all over the inside of your ORGANS! I dont care if it’s made out of FARTS, common sense tells me it is the safer alternative



So, my verdict? FUCK YOU, TAMPONS!


While I appreciate that you will be around for a quick fix once in a blue moon, I am done with you.

DO NOT suggest shoving cups up my cunt as an alternative. I have NO desire to fish around my vagina hole for silicone cups! I’ve heard some real horror stories, and I am pretty much DONE inserting SILICONE objects into my body! Plus, maxi pads have come a LONG way. They are super thin and tolerable now.


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