Taming your Grey Hair!

For those ladies out there who embrace their natural selves and no longer stress over your next hair dye session, I have some suggestive grey hair care!

My rogue stream is almost 4 months of grow out now. The first thing I noticed is just how dry and unruly it is! I do not like to use hairspray, mouse and I certainly never blow dry or even bother to style my hair. I am not a hippie, I just don’t give a shit. 😛 Hence, the crazy hair conundrum. I wanted my grey hair to CHILL OUT with as LITTLE effort from my end as possible.


I am one of those people that HATE change and really enjoy my ritualistic habits to sooth my OCD. However, the hair care had to change. I shopped around and tried some products, but many made my grey hair even MORE crazy.I sell Avon and they were just bought by LG,the same company that owns The Body Shop and many others. Due to this recent merge we have had an influx of bad ass new products come into our stores to sell and this new Elastine Propoli Thera stuff was one of em

Per usual, I ignored it, lol. However, one of my Avon reps on my teams posted how hydrating the repair shampoo was. The sell a volumizing, but that aint no help to grey. So, I sucked it up and bought a few bottles, like most things, if I ended up hating it my husband would just use it. In true man fashion, he never really gives a shit. Like most dudes, I struggle to get him to use a face wash and try to teach him that a damn body soap is NOT also good for your face.

Anyway, I used it. It smelled divine. I do not have damaged hair, but I figured anything that could soften it would be good. i was right. My hair not only smelled good, it was soft as hell. I imagine this would be great for dry/brittle and damaged hair too….but I figured I’d report for my grey. All my silver was tamed, softened and was not sticking out everywhere!

The best part? I get 50% off cause I sell Avon. lol


Anyway, I  figured I’d post about this, as I have gone through 6 shampoos people said would be good for grey, and I did NOT like em. This, I liked. It’s part of the whole Korean beauty craze, smells like delicious honey hair and it does not suck.

I let my hair AIR DRY ONLY, so here is a pic of me doing so.


It smelled good, was soft as hell AND shiny. I also dug the bottles, because they weren’t shitty/cheap.


You can buy it here





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