Tackling My Smart Phone Addiction

Do you think YOU could put your phone down?
My phone is OFF for the weekend and stuffed into a faraday bag. I have already looked for it 5 times this morning, even sitting at my desk now sipping coffee. I am going to be spending far less time shackled to a tracking device/ball and chain and more time living my life. I do not want to be a slave anymore. I will bring it with me on trips, as mountain roads are dangerous in the winter….but I have a landline. Social media echo chambers of rage and hatred from brainwashed establishment sheep can wait. Back in the day, if someone called and you didnt get it…they left a message. I realized I had that phone in my hand every moment of every day. I am never parted with it. It reminds me of when I used to smoke cigarettes. It’s a LIGHTER/cigarette pack….never to be taken from me. ADDICTION.
I imagine this will take a LOT of adjustment. They say it takes a month to break a bad habit. During the week, I am going to limit my time with my cell phone on. I have to use it to live stream. I’d watch movies ON MY PHONE. Eat breakfast ON MY PHONE. Vacuum listening to my phone on my earbuds. I used to look at it/instagram every night before bed to get tired…but I am done with that, too. I am going back to DESKTOP for my social media needs. There was no MYSPACE app back in the day….No algorithims to brainwash me, no echo chambers of group think to fall into. I used AOL mail up till 2015 when my husband convinced me to switch to gmail for better features. I was unaware at how much gmail was stalking me and logging my every move in real life and search online. Terrifying. Utterly terrifying. I am done being a slave to this. Too much of a good thing is no longer good. I am looking to slash my phone use by 80%
The red pill wakes you up. The black pill leaves you sleepless in your bed, terrified.


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