Summer And Your Fragile Flesh!

Half of us will stupidly waltz around in the Sun with no skin protection. I do not “do” Sun anymore. While I have a deep appreciation of our Star and the life it brings this planet, I do not want it on my skin. Some people mistakenly believe in the power of their darker flesh to battle the damage of the sun. No, guys. That is not how it works. Black, Brazilian, etc may not crack, but they get SEVERE skin discoloration from sun exposure. What you think is fine now will come back and kick your ass when you are 50. Huge splotches and dark spots form on ALL of our faces after sun exposure. Think..Morgan Freeman.

The media wants us to believe that ONLY dark and exotic matters. I am lucky that I have Middle Eastern and Mediterranean background, because I have never burned in the sun. I turn a deep brown with sun exposure. However, that is STILL damaging. I’d rather stay a pasty olive than sacrifice how I look in my late 50s and beyond. Light skin is beautiful, too. Are you mixed? You do not have to get any darker to look good. These are myths. These are things said and done in media to make us all feel like shit about ourselves. DO NOT buy the hype. Is your skin a deep “Iman/Naomi” shade? Do not think it doesn’t need protecting!!! Our ozone is not the same. We destroyed it. In doing so, we are destroying ourselves.

SPF 50 on your face. Anything less, you are only fooling yourself. 30 to 50 on your skin. Dr. Will Kirby, one of the best dermatologists I know, informed me that anything over spf 50 doesn’t really matter. Our flesh stops responding to it at a certain point. Get yourself a nice big ole floppy sun hat like mine…or try a different style . Protect not only your face, but your neck and chest. Our chest and neck will be the first of our flesh to start showing sun damage and aging. Avon Skinvincible offers not only an SPF 50 day cream (with retionol!!!) but both it and the night cream work to reverse previous sun damage as well. It’s made for super sensitive skin. If Avon is beneath you in the world of over priced name brands that do the same thing but make you feel better because of their labels fine. Please, go buy whatever your poison is! Click here to see a bunch of SPF protection for body, face and lips. Remember, lower protection is only going to help if you are running into the store. It will not aid you in anything prolonged.

When you go to the beach, grab a damn umbrella. You may think it is worth the dice roll on your youth to feel that sun on your skin and get the momentary fix of a little tan. It isn’t.  You will not be happy with your flesh later on in life. It is not worth that gamble. Funny, I didn’t even bring up SKIN CANCER in this. A huge dent in your cheek from having to remove your flesh changes the game even more.


Happy summer, ladies (and some gents)! You are fucking beautiful JUST the way you are. You do not need to cook yourself in the rays of a space star to better yourself in any way.



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