Sexual Assault @ Star Wars Convention

With all the rape/assault conversations going on I thought I’d share something that has always REALLY bothered me. I have a good 50 plus witnesses to a man who reached up my skirt at ORLANDO while I was dressed as Slave Leia for Star Wars celebration V.

I was in the hotel entrance chatting with friends before going to bed after a magical disney/star wars will day. Maybe it was 1am? The man attempted to insert fingers into both holes. Besides the shock and horror….it was VERY painful. He was wasted holding his car keys, so they ripped up my inner thighs and really hurt my crotch. Amazing Star Wars fans came to my rescue and beat the shit out of the guy. We called 911. Anytime he attempted to get up. He was kicked, tossed down, etc. The amazing valet decided to bring the man a car! He then crashed said car into the middle of the roundabout at the hotel…stumbled out of the car….and came at me again! This time, cosplayers beat the man nearly unconscious. It took 2 hours for Orlando police to decide to show up. When they did, they had paramedics check me on the sidewalk…I had waited for the valiant police till the wee hours of the night. They informed me I could not press sexual assault charges unless I planned on flying out, paying for my own plane tix, hotel etc to testify. I KNEW I couldn’t afford that. My friends Jordan and Eliot were still with me…having waited hours as well…and heard these Cops talk me into just letting them book the man for being drunk. I couldn’t understand why it would cost ME thousands of dollars to have this scumbag locked up. I begged for them to take the report and all the witnesses with me to prove it. Not to mention, paramedics tending to my cut up thighs…o did not let them investigate any higher…My friends and new friends (random badass star wars nerds that helped subdue the guy after he assaulted me) all told the police they’d give statements on what the man did to me.

Exhausted..humiliated…and just plain tired as fuck..  I watched my friends talk to the cops as statements…and listened to the cops continue to assure me that I’d have to pay to fly back to FL to testify. Later, the press reported the incident. The police were not aware I was anyone that anybody would care about. They thought they’d not have to do more paperwork and go get a donut, I suppose.

The Orlando police LIED. They said they never met me.. that they never spoke to any one else. They claimed the only arrested a drunk man.

Again, I have to this day…at LEAST 50 people who will attest they saw this. Another 15 people stayed till the cops actually came. I know for sure my friends Eliot and Jordan have statements to the police. I WAS IGNORED. I was told I was a liar and made up a magical story..

And people wonder why we don’t report! The two times I have…I was told not to press charges… by the police! That I’d never win….that it would cost me far too much money to follow through….and then they publicly announce I am full of shit and they never met me!!!

This article reports that I Live tweeted the entire ordeal

This article shows Orlando Police claim they never even saw me!!!!




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