Want to Successfully Sell Avon?

So, you want to sell Avon? Why not do it with me? Let me be the first to tell you, there are women making hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars doing so. If you treat this as a real business and put some effort into it, you will be rewarded. You can do a little bit a day and make enough to pay off a bill or two, or you can go full force, and make enough to pay your mortgage. It truly is all up to you!

Avon also gives away many prizes and trips. This isn’t something only the top Avon representatives can earn, Avon rewards it’s people who put in effort handsomely. I have never been with a company that has gifted me so much stuff for my hard work! Hell, even my top seller Julia earned a brand new mini cooper! I was kind of jealous, but I was mostly incredibly happy and proud of her.

I welcome you to join Team Hot Curry to sell Avon w/me. We have a private Facebook page for everyone to converse and give tips, as well as the fact that you will have the coolest upline known to man, me! Well, I am not the coolest, but I DO want my ladies to grow and succeed. I am honored to have met so many new friends through Avon and I would be honored if you wanted to join me in becoming America’s Next Top Avon Lady!

Simply go to My Avon Page to sell Avon w/me on MY team! I will get a notification email and will contact you shortly to welcome you to the club, as well as give you some information to get started.


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