10 or so years ago, I went to Russia to work. I almost died while I was there… (I collapsed in a hotel and was rushed via ambulance to the ER in St. Petersburg. I had to do treatments daily after being released from the hospital till my lungs were ok to go up in a plane and not drown in my own fluids. I had pneumonia so bad I developed a heart murmur. lol)


I was in a bad marriage and had a crap experience in that department, but I wanted to share what I learned about Russia and it’s people. Everyone talks about Russia as the BIG SCARY SCARY (even though the WORLD knows that would be the CCP, and NOT Russia since the union fell, but I digress) but the PEOPLE. The people are amazing!


(St Basils and the man who kept us safe from swindlers and gypsies )


They are strong and hard. They are PROUD and do not let Russian politics dampen their pride in themselves or the history of their country. I found myself increasingly impressed the more I interacted and learned.  They proudly displayed all aspects of their culture and history, no matter how good or bad it was.






Be it a Tsar who starved them all to near death, Stalin who murdered millions of them, or the nazis who butchered the people and defiled their history and palaces…I was met with rich history on display everywhere I turned…and a strong people who showed pride in their mother Russia even when she wasn’t very kind to them. They are pretty impressive.

Though I was a bit fearful of their government, the people shone bright. I do not know if I would deny going back one day. I had more pictures, but they had that guy in em, so I wont share. xoxoxo




(Catherine’s Palace… Tsar Summer Home…St Petersburg)





Smirnov in Moscow


This was in every airport. LOL


Church and more church!


The mountains of Sochi



The Black Sea



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