Religion, Spirituality, Diets, and More!

God, Allah, aliens, veganism, mediums/psychics, energies, vegetarianism, butt cleanses/fad diets, betterment workshops, the stars telling me what my life will be… none of this is for me. Nothing against those who do sign up for it, in fact, I support you doing what makes YOU happy!  I just don’t identify with what you believe in. Sometimes I feel like a dick when I am sitting there hearing someone I love talk about how GOD saved them, how I will be enlightened if I never eat another bacon cheeseburger, etc…it registers the exact same in my brain as someone telling me the Easter Bunny came to their room and high fived them after informing them they were chosen by Santa to walk the path of light.

I’ve gone to church for funsies after walking away from faith, had a few readings…but none have changed my life or shocked me or changed my mind. I think its rad if a friend kicked drugs and found god, if they read their horoscope and identified with it, if they found who they are in rock climbing. Go you! I kinda dig witch craft stuff cause it’s so old. However, when I am exposed to doses over 5 or 10 min of things I don’t sign up for… I’m transported back to algebra in school….my eyes glaze over…my brain struggles to not go elsewhere out of respect.

I am not so “know it all” that I think I know the answer like an atheist….I’m agnostic. I dig therapy. I dig science. If something is out there, awesome. For now, I am content watching True Detective on Sundays, reading Tolkien’s works like they are bible and waiting for the last season of Game Of Thrones.


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