Our Mighty Throne Of Judgement

This new movement of make believing people shouldn’t judge each other is absurd. People judge everyone and everything in every moment. I see a guy yell at his girl? I judge he is a piece of shit. I see a scrubby looking man acting erratically in an ally? I judge that he may hurt me and steer clear. I see a woman talk shit about someone she claims is her friend? I judge she is a “mean girl”. If I attend church with someone with my tits spilling out, people will most likely judge that I am a skank. I won’t sit there shocked if they do. I went to church with my titties flopping out. What did I expect? Did I really think I would bend society with my meager feelings that my flopping titties should be accepted by Christ their Savior? If I did, then I am dumber than a model should be.

If you do not want to be judged, move out to the middle of nowhere…Alaska, Montana, Wyoming…and create a throne of judgement, like me. I sit in my mighty high seat above the lakes and rivers flowing through this peace of heaven and my judgement extends like the great eye of Sauron.  No one can reach me with their puny and pathetic judgments because I don’t even have cell reception to receive these judgments. Yet, I bask in the glory of my Great Eye, as it pierces all veils set before me so that I may judge. We are becoming a society ran on the feelings of others..not facts, not logic…not common sense. It’s like, the entire country is on it’s period behaving erratically and expecting everyone to lockstep with it’s hormonal meltdown. Even in the deepest throes of PMS, I realize my emotions and meltdowns are illogical. I wish America could do the same.

No one likes being judged, but it is a part of LIFE. We grow some armor and man up. Slut shaming? Yeah, people judge both male and female sluts. I judge that I do not want to risk myself at the likelihood that you are festering with STDs. I spent a lifetime NOT exposing my vagina to multitudes of wieners so that I may bask in a clean bill of health. I very much enjoy a non oozing, non bump filled peaceful vagina and plan on doing so till I die. When it was revealed to me that I was with a lying and cheating slut…I informed them that they were dirty whores. I let them know their filth would not be tolerated anywhere near the glory of my vagina and I LEFT. I then informed everyone I knew that unless they wanted to be at great risk healthwise, that my exes were perhaps not the best choice if you wanted to keep a squeaky clean twat.

It’s as if the majority of us live in a fantasy world where our behaviors do not and should not have repercussions. That is not only unrealistic, it’s borderline mad.

I posed on the cover of Playboy twice, I was in Maxim, stuff, etc. I used to post sultry images. Many people think of me as skanky. Why? I presented myself that way. Just because I was not sleeping around did not mean I wasn’t advertising as if I were. My posted images had no other motive than to titillate others. Just because I am a spokes model for the flexbelt does NOT mean I have to advertise “glute sunday” with a picture of my ass. Evolution of the mind is cool. I learned I have more value than what a bunch of guys holding their penis in one hand and typing with the other on the internet believe. So, here I am, all grown up and changing my image. Sure, I have a lot of lingering judgement from others on my past, on my 1st marriage, on everything…but I don’t care. I sit here in my comfy pajamas…judging the ever living F out of everything because THAT is what we do.  If you would like to escape the eyes of society and what they think…wait for it…



Contrary to popular belief, if you set aside your insatiable need to have people on the internet validate your life activities…..THEY STOP JUDGING THEM! You won’t have to complain about what they say because you are no longer exposing your life in a way that allows people to judge it.


I have a car, you don’t know what kind. I have a new dress, you don’t know what it looks like, I have new boots, you don’t know what they cost, I am going on a trip, you don’t know where, when, how I am getting there and who I am seeing. If it wasn’t for running my business all on the internet, I have a strong feeling I’d fade to nothing but these occasional blog posts. Ever since the days of live journal, I thoroughly enjoy posting dumb little blogs.


Yet, you all still post your every thought, feeling, outfit and family issue…whilst banging your heads against the wall on why “insert name here” would have an opinion on the information you saw fit to providing them.


So, I shall sit here and JUDGE it…like a good little human does. While I do so, I will severely limit the things I share because I have absolutely no fucking desire to have people be exposed to the nitty gritty daily grind of my life to judge it.


This was fun to write. I hope you read it in the spirit of smiles and fun.


If you are going to sit in the comfort of your home judging all those who you see, do it in comfort!

Amazing Comfy Cabin Pajamas!


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