New Website Incoming!

I am revamping my entire website in the next few months to include a “members only” area /tip jar for all of you who have asked if there was ANY other way to support me that was NOT facebook, etc taking a cut.  With the help of my husband (he too is BIG MAN OUTDOORS website.) I have dodged paypal, hosting sites that are anti free speech, trackers, ads and more. My wesbite will NOT stalk you. ANYTHING that is big tech who openly meddles in elections, controls narratives and hides information from the public, silences people for not having their approved opinions, etc was what we avoided. This website is already up on a new FREE SPEECH host after ditching WPengine. I will be moving ALL my supporters/members only content to here from various other platforms. NO ONE takes a cut. All monies will go directly to me …and straight to the monthly fees to support this page running.

My husband started a journey of removing big tech from his life and influenced me along the way. He wanted to walk the walk. We had moved to LOCALS…but then found out it used AMAZON servers…the same servers that took down parler when it threatened the Big Tech monopoly of TWITTER….blaming absurd things as their reason to deplatform them, as twitter is FULL of far left extremist hate speech against races, police, etc. They allow pro pedophilia posts, you name it…it is there. I have phased google out of my life. I moved to proton mail, proton calendar, etc. I removed ALL the many years of google photos I had saved to hard drives. I deleted google from my phone. It took weeks! I deleted twitter a while ago, but remain on facebook and instagram as my last bastion of a social pressence.

I will offer exclusive blogs, photos and videos of my life here for members only.  Some suggested I move to youtube, but you can’t speak on there! There are words you cannot say, names you cannot say! You cannot bring up the election. You cannot point out thaat Harris and Biden spread misinformation with CNN on the covid vaccine for 6 months…hence making the entire country hesitant to get it with their smears and lies. THEY are the reason people don’t trust it. They openly MOCKED it and claimed they would NEVER get a “trump shot”.  I decided any stream I talk politics will be moving to RUMBLE, as I do not believe I can survive much longer on facebook doing so.

My new RUMBLE page

My makeup streams will continue on facebook, just wont be yapping about everything that can get me banned. We both have had to fork over a LOT of money for hosting, paywalls, lawyers and more. Big tech makes it VERY easy to capture you based on the fact that you dont have to pay hundreds a month to post, stream, EXIST etc. This is how they crushed free well as ANY cvompany that may rival them by teaming up with website hosts to deplatform them. This monopoly of public discourse is a tragedy. I am glad I am doing what I can to rage against it.



Can’t wait to revamp this place!!!


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