I confess, I had tapped out of a LOT over the years. I avoided Twitter for over 2 years. I did not read the feeds of others on Facebook, old friends, etc for years. I was convinced everyone had fallen into a cult. Recently, I caught Chris Gore from G4 on with The Critical Drinker. ..and I almost WEPT with happiness. A fellow Nerd I knew who CLEARLY rejected this cult bullshit everyone is obsessed with. 

Since then. I have discovered so many more nerds rejecting this woke bullshit destroying Nerd culture. Last night, Gore told me to tune into Friday Night Tights and I felt like…a zombie apocalypse survivor discovering other human beings existed. I had turned into Tom Bombadil and refused to cross the borders of my land. I had no clue what lay beyond them.

When I left LA, the tide was turning so hard I could see the writing on the wall. People in my camp begged me not to, tried to convince me more money was to be made, etc…but I knew they would come for me to destroy me if I stayed. It was destroying me inside to BE there.  I was NOT one of the borg. I dodged a HUGE bullet. When 2020 rolled in and the psycho babble leaked out of LA and infected every city with beliefs and new language I NEVER thought non-Hollywood people would adapt….I KNEW turning down work and hiding out was the correct choice for me. The witch hunt was in full swing. The Marxist agenda corroded and destroyed all that was imaginative and good. 

It is humbling and comforting to see my fellow Nerds take up their swords for a fools hope. Those who see the destruction of all that is good to push THE MESSAGE. 

The Empire Strikes Back.

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