My Life With My Husband

I love my husband. He is a good man and he treats me like gold. Protecting our lives, yet still exposing a tiny bit of myself to be a makeup peddler 3x a week….has been a balance. I have gotten REALLY good at keeping most my life under wraps. Many years ago, I was begging him for a picture of an occasion but he asked me “Why does anyone need to see this? Why can’t this be for us?” I remember sitting back and pondering his words. Then I realized, he was right. Sharing our private life is not a healthy thing. I was so groomed for reality tv…oversharing was a part of me. It hit me like a ton of bricks… I didn’t WANT to share…I was just….in auto pilot. I started my journey in tackling this bad quality ingrained in me from my former job. I am happy I did! The joke is, I get 4 photo ops per year… our anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday 😛
My husband is fiercely protective of me and us…and we are both insane about our privacy. Who would have ever thought I’d end up being this way? It is one of the most beautiful qualities about him….how protective he is of us. After so many years of feeling like a human sacrifice to gossip, it is nice to know I am with someone who wants NO attention for being with me. We share our lives with a very small group of loved ones…and NOT on any social media…via private messages/videos. Simplicity IS gay. My husband even deleted all his social media but ONE platform ( Big Man Outdoors ) . It is really amazing to witness a person untethered from the things most people obsess over.
I know a lot of people speculate about our personal lives due to the under sharing, that is fine. We don’t want a magnifying glass on our life. We have weathered health scares, family issues, trials and tribulations with one another and haven’t made a peep about it outside of our little world. You know, normal shit. I was NOT a normal person when he met me. I was a broken oversharing kid who was taught bad habits before my brain was done developing.  As I stare out at what society has become, I see so many people following in my footsteps. Oversharing their lives for that validation of likes and comments. I feel like we have become the Truman Show.
 I want to put this out there. I love and adore my husband. I admire his strength & his lack of needing validation or eyeballs on his life is one of the most attractive things about him. He makes me laugh, is my best friend and tackles the hard stuff with me. I truly have a teammate in life, we make decisions together as a couple and try to stay on the same page always. Carving out our lives together is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given in my life. I am one lucky lady.


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