My Last Interview

Michael Malice is an interesting character (I like his views on politics & read his new book “The New Right”). He asked if I would be interested in doing his “Your Welcome” series… and I said yes to this interview, knowing I most likely will never do one again. The reason why is ANY TIME you do something that puts you in the spot light at all, very unenjoyable things come of it. The public has always been vicious…but they have morphed into something subhuman the last 10 years. Fading into the night for everything besides my Avon life is pretty much my priority. Relevancy doesn’t bring happiness, but peace certainly does. I am not a PC person and this new world of people who believe they are without sin casting stone after stone isn’t one I am interested in.

“Clean gloves Hide dirty hands…

and mine are dirtier than most.”

-Trevor Goodchild.

Malice’s fanbase leans toward the more intellectual side, so I felt more comfortable in this arena than others. I ALMOST did an E! show last year that would have aired now, but I felt SO SICK to my stomach at the thought of masses remembering me, I had to bail on the crew. I thought I could help my business, but I knew the reality….the trolls would come….horrible people who hide behind their screens wanting to push others to the brink of suicide with their holier than thou judgements and vicious bullshit. E! doesn’t exactly attract the most sane and brightest of humanity to their programming. I am glad I picked this as my last sit down. I hope you all enjoy it. Again, I am sorry for those who have been inspired to ask me for interviews recently (my guess is from seeing this) but I am not interested for my own sanity

WATCH HERE -Adrianne Curry – In The Wilderness- “Your Welcome” Episode #135


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