Mocking Medicated&UNmedicated/ People W/Death Photos

It seems the new trend is to post photos of people dying in the ICU to mock anyone who hasn’t trusted in Big Pharma or the insane and almost deranged push by Government/special interests to medicate. I also see unmedicated people posting stories and mocking athletes that fall from heart issues, celebrities that pass away after bragging about a booster etc .

I was thinking to myself. Do these people post photos of smokers dying and suffering to anyone who smokes? Do they find photos of fat people after their strokes and heart attacks dying in hospital beds to smear on the pages of the morbidly obese? Both are life choices. Both are preventable and 100% a choice by the person partaking in the eating or the smoking. Does that mean you should instantly lose your humanity and try to hurt them with photos of impending doom and others suffering? I am quite disappointed in humanity. When people ask me what side I am on, I tell them I am on the side of those who behave in a humane way toward one another. I cannot FATHOM mocking someone for health issues, preventable or not. Let alone gleefully posting photos of poor human beings in pain…suffering…to simply “get at” someone on the internet.

In my journey to find God again, I realized just how wicked this world is. The internet amplifies 100s of millions of voices that we would all be better off never hearing from. I believe the human condition is to be half wicked, unfortunately. It is the Yin and Yang of humanity. The bad is SO bad…and yet, the good is SO good…it almost makes you forget JUST how bad it can be. I want to be on the side of good. I have watched some of my old Hollywood friends drop off my social media one by one. They have posted things I do not agree with for years. It doesn’t matter to me. I can look past the soap opera/wrestling matches of our fake political sides (there are no sides, only corrupt establishment bought off by China and like, 2 politicians they all HATE for not joining in ) and try to see the heart of the person in front of me. I have watched friends of 40 plus years toss each other aside over evil politicians. I am speechless when someone confides in me that someone I know has cut them out of their lives over what the lying media has convinced them of. How can a political party that is nothing but an act and a lie to make you feel like you are represented be more important than a friendship of 40 years? How utterly absurd!

The United States Government is bought and paid for by China and other Globalist hacks. We fight one another over politicians who have extracted our wealth for decades, purposely enriching a country that commits genocide and runs concentration camps…a country that unleased this virus that has destroyed the global trade/economy….a country who has stolen all our intellectual property, threatens our allies, slaughters minorities and believes they are the MASTER RACE. They enrich a country who gleefully announces on their news that they will TOPPLE America through our corrupt politicians. A country who openly CELEBRATED their guy winning an election with his corrupt and evil family. THIS is who our government serves. This is who our government gave power to with our MASSIVE debt note. This is who funds Hollywood and all the woke agenda. This is who you are sacrificing your friends and loved ones for….people who start false wars for profit and fund actual GENOCIDE in China. Our news spews CCP talking points during the Olympics, cooing over the amazing CCP as the athletes scream they are being abused and mistreated, starved and are in fear. People who LIE to you and NEVER fix any problems yet make you feel like you are on a TEAM are more important to you than your neighbor.

I choose God…I choose beauty. I choose good. I choose my fellow American over ANY politician. They serve themselves and China, NOT us. I choose truth and I choose compassion. I will not laugh at someone getting hurt. I will not HOPE that they get hurt. Even people who go out of their way every single day to try to hurt me and my life, I choose to pray God lifts the darkness from their hearts and that they go off to do something far more productive.

Humanity needs to look in the mirror the next time they think someone should be held accountable. I think most people are too afraid to. They’d run away…screaming.

What they dont want…is us coming together. THAT is why they try SO hard to divide us.

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