Is Your Lover Inappropriate Online?

For many years. I found myself with men who had NO respect for me. They spent hours combing the internet to comment, like, etc on ” sexy pictures”. Their friends list was full of titillating women who would post pic after enticing pic that my guy would lap up. I felt insecure and incredibly unhappy all the time. I thought ALL men were swine and that being with a man meant that he would spend his days chasing ass online and making me feel like he was shopping for new vagina at all times.

I became an expert at catching men doing shit on the internet. From DMs, secret emails, etc…I unearthed it. Hell, I exposed my last ex’s secret gay prostitution ring on Craig’s list! Now, after years of suffering behavior that made me feel like I was nothing and no one…I have a man who’s friend list isnt full of Sexy Cosplay, Sexy Fitness, Sexy Models or former conquests/future hopefuls. I literally spend my days NOT feeling like shit and having NO desire to sneak through any of his accounts…cause there is nothing to catch him doing. It took a few years to retrain my brain. I almost couldnt compute someone treating me with the same regard as I would them.

I found someone who understands how it feels to have a partner with a roving eye. Because of this empathy and understanding, be is big on not doing it to me. If you’d be fine with your girl liking sexy pics of men under the guise that they are “her friends” or “for my business!” Then go for it! However, I find most the people liking ass shots of women and and commenting on titty pics are NOT ok with their partner doing the same.

That’s because you are a hypocrite asshole.

Ladies and gents, if your partner is doing things counter productive to your happiness, honesty between you both or hurting your self esteem…then your partner is a fucking dick. I am zero tolerance for cheating and cheater behavior. As Matthew says, it’s pretty simple to make the decision to not whip your dick out or pursue other people if you respect your partner. You dont have to crack your neck at every set of tits that walks by. Stop accepting behavior from your mate that they would NEVER tolerate from you. If they dont respect you enough to change? Dump em. Life is too short to stay with someone who doesnt respect you enough to treat you with some. Dignity..or lie to or manipulate you. Id rather be alone than excuse anymore shitty behavior from people I claim “love” me. Love isn’t a snake.


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