Incoming 40th For My Hubby!

My Husband turns 40 on April 19th. We live very far away from anything and decided it just isn’t worth all the time driving in our car to have a meal. Luckily, I have been polishing up my skills on making everything from scratch the last few years. I made his 40th birthday menu based on the things I can tell he loves most. We will start with garlic butter breadsticks and marinara. Then, we will move onto pizzas, I have been practicing a few times to ensure I make em the best I can. Using 00 Pizza flour is a MUST. Also bought a steel pizza “stone” which really helps with even heating. Dusting cornmeal on the bottom is a big plus!

My big project will be the Snickerdoodle cake. Matthew loves the snickerdoodles I make with cream cheese, they are incredibly moist. I will bake a batch and crumble a few and crisp them in the oven to dust the bottom of the cake…and the rest I will use to decorate each slice with it’s own full cookie on the top. I am positive my cake won’t be this pretty, but by God…I will give it my all!

I calculated it will take at least 2 days to bake, rise, etc. I am really excited to make this the best big 4-0 EVER! He is a simple man, doesn’t care for going out or having any sort of “to do” for himself. We go out for my birthday, as I LOVE having a break from the kitchen….but he flatters me so when he declares he would rather eat my cooking over some subpar chef at an overpriced restaurant!

Sometimes, I want to gush about how amazing he is, ….but I am so incredibly protective of him and US. We fiercely guard our private life and are lock step with how little we want to share. The world is an ugly place. It seeks to destroy anyone who displays even the tiniest level of contentment. As much as I wish for peace and joy to those who would wish ill onto others…it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for people who ruminate on such things.

Had you told me 8 years ago that my narcissistic need to share all my life moments online would be dead in the water in a matter of years, I’d have laughed. Now, ANYTHING we decide to share…we decide together. 9 out of ten times we decide a big NO! My life and all it’s beautiful moments happen without smearing it all over the internet. It feels more meaningful to know that it is mine…ours.

Recently, we discussed him reviving his old Twitch stream, Ducksauce. He had deleted all his social media but I begged him not to delete this platform. I couldn’t believe he listened to me! I met him when he was “Ducksace”ing in January of 2015. I was so impressed at what he had built. He has a gift, and most importantly, he has FUN doing it. I am glad he went back to his old home. Social media is toxic, but he has control of who does what in that domain, so it’s been super positive. Twitch has changed a lot after amazon bought it, but there are still a lot of OG twitchers and staff milling about.

May the next 40 years be spent together laughing at our aging bodies and our excessive gas from eating too many veggies. I don’t deserve someone like him, but I thank God every single day that he was brought into my life. I hope I knock this meal out of the park!

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