I Have Changed?

 I was a full blown pot head and straight ticket democratic voter living alone in LA cosplaying and hosting E3  when I purchased my first shot gun. My friends acted like I ate babies and everyone yelled at me like psycho lunatics. I finally felt safe…but I learned my own friends would rather I quake in fear…and possibly get hurt again than have the option to defend myself. I was a full blown Democrat and pot head still living in LA and purchased my 2nd gun, my .357 mag. Before purchasing any guns for myself, I went to ranges and RENTED guns to shoot and learn. My Dada and I even trained with former Navy Seals and Marines ON my old tv show on VH1 in 2006! I had been going to gun ranges in LA to train since 2009 . People can understand that I did NOT share every single breathing moment of my life with them. I FEARED the judgement of people, due to how my own loved ones treated me when I bought my first gun. I snuck around like gollum to go to the range, etc.

People who lie to themselves and say only Republicans own guns are absurd. If you lie to yourself and pretend when I was in Hollywood… that I didn’t own weapons…and prep for a home invasion or the next man who thought he was going to hurt me..you have lost it. The problem with our society is they fool themselves into thinking they know you and who you were or are. The only thing I have done different in the last 6 years is quit smoking pot and drinking….oh, and become independent and distrust my corrupt government. I haven’t changed at all. Why would anyone think that is a bad thing? Your lie you told yourself when you pretended you knew who I was and what I stood for it’s the ONLY thing that changed. What a laughable thing to witness…people who don’t know you AT ALL…inform you that you changed simply because their perception of who and what they thought you were/are was disproven.  It’s quite surreal to witness.The ONLY thing that changed, was I no longer give a flying shit what people say about me. It isn’t true. It reflects poorly on THEM, not me.

I hope the day never arrives that you find yourself vulnerable and exposed to evil. I’ve seen that evil. I’ve feared that the next day might not come for me. You don’t go back to living in a fantasy after that. You prepare. I envy your rose colored glasses, they are mighty comfortable… but they will never work for me again.

Now that we have our own property, we can have our own gun range….we also have frequent visits from mountain lions, wolves, grizzly and black bears. City people tend to forget that others do not live in their cement cities of conveniences and hive mind group think. If I dial 911, I will be lucky if a cop comes within an hour. I actually DID call the police station for a car wreck last week down the street from my house when I found a few women stumbling about. They said someone would be there in 45-50 minutes…so I stayed till the women assured me they were ok and to go on my way. Your perception of what life should be is collected from your own life experiences. If those experiences are different than others, stop projecting yourself onto them and allow others to live their own lives. Guns are part of EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life living in the middle of nowhere. Go for a hike? Gun. Leave the house? Gun.  I do not have to live in shame or worry about what some city person with no life experiences or any horrific trauma in their past has to say or think about my world. Enjoy your own beliefs, but stop pretending others have to lock step with em.


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