I Deleted Facebook/Twitter From My Phone

Social Media used to be a very fun place. In the 90’s I signed up my AOL account and would role play Vampire: The Masquerade. I wish I was kidding, but I have always been a big nerd. Back in 2003, I won America’s Next Top Model. I started a Live Journal. I blogged to friends and fans as I traveled the world. Fast forward to mid and late 00’s. Myspace hit the scene and was so fun! I blogged on there all the time and used to always hit the top 10 blogs on Myspace. Political hatred was very minimal. People came to the internet to escape the world. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were born.

Now, the internet has become the world. It is no longer a place to escape the sea of negativity of this planet. While amazing things have happened due to people rallying on the net,  ( I even started a new career!) a lot things have taken a very negative turn. My Facebook feed is full of people fighting about politics. So is my twitter feed. Everything is racist. Everything is sexist. Everything is Angry. Everything is right wing. Everything is left wing. Most importantly, everyone is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! The Internet is like the HBO show WESTWORLD. It starts out and the main character chooses to see the beauty. It ends…well, if you watched it, you get what I mean.

I am glad I had this website built. It will be my little safe haven. I want it to be a tiny piece of yours, too. I want to see the beauty in this world again. We moved to the middle of nowhere in AZ. to get away from it all…and it just wasn’t enough! I cannot wait for our move to Montana. Our town is microscopic, the internet is caveman slow. I can still check Facebook and twitter, but only on my desktop. I have my Facebook page app installed, so I will still live-stream and work. I think I will spend an awful lot less time with my nose buried in my phone when I leave my house. Can you imagine? Actually experiencing LIFE without a phone in my face? Let’s see how this goes! I have a feeling, it may be a little something like this.




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