I Am Not Religious…BUT


I have had a lot happen in my life as of late, and I have been deeply questioning my belief system, as are many others. I have been a self proclaimed agnostic. That means, I don’t believe or NOT believe.  Years ago, I heard very sound arguments as to why I should NOT believe in God. Ironically, it was my first husband that swayed me. I remember feeling ashamed I believed in God when I was around him. After much debate, I accepted that God was dumb and moved on with my life.


Our current world started me on a journey to seek truth. I debunked the lies of the media, I felt the ice hit my spine when I discovered how deep the brainwashing of the propaganda machine went.  As I tore down lie after lie that I had 100% believed as truth, I stood outside with my husband and I stared at the Milky Way. It is the one thing that will always leave me in deep awe, the night sky with no light pollution. Maybe we designed this world so we can no longer behold it’s majesty to ensure we stay blind to the truth. I believe in good and evil. I truly believe that evil has taken over this planet. Family turns on family, friend on friend. A toxic cloud of hatred has seeped into the hearts of otherwise good people and they refuse to have self awareness and see it. I am well versed in the bible and appreciate it, as well as being raised Catholic and attending church regularly into my teens. I think, for the first time in an AGE….anyone who is religious or spirtual are ALL agreeing…a war is happening. I feel it and see it. Masses of people are brainwashed with propaganda used as a weapon against their fellow man. Identity politics are tearing the whole world asunder with hate. I always laughed at the idea of the End Of Times. I am not laughing anymore. Not when I feel evil is trying to control the world…and even those I love most look at me like I am a serpent.


So, I believe in God…and I am on the side of good. I am not rushing to church, even though I will always have a place in my heart for the Catholic Faith and their lovely Cathedrals. My church is the stars.




I think somewhere my Grandma is quite happy with me.



ps- I reached out to SHannon Stewart from my season of top model to tell her. I think of everyone I know, she’d be the happiest with it. Then, she’d start hammering on that there JESUS 😛


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