Hollywood: Smoke & Mirrors


One of my closest friends in LA and her fiance are going through a living nightmare. Jon Schnepp directed many Metalocalypse episodes and was involved with two of my all time faves, Aqua Teen and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Holly was the infamous lips shown on MTVs liquid Television. Together, they are the oddest and strangest couple I have ever met. They’ve also teamed up to create Death Of Superman Lives. They are rad.

I moderated a panel for Jon w/some of my FAVORITE Adult Swim voices and it was a match made in heaven for us. Holly quickly became one of the only people I truly trusted in LA. Their home is one of the very few I’d spend time at.

Jon is in super critical condition…in a coma. This, only 1 year after Holly unexpectedly and tragically lost her Mother….RIGHT after her Hollywood legend Grandmother passed away. No one deserves this. My poor, amazingly strong friend!

There is a GoFundMe for them. The medical bills are going to be astronomical. I’ve seen people commenting everywhere how a “rich Hollywood director” should not need a GoFundMe .

Rich? I know actors on some of your favorite shows that live in dinky little apartments. I know people in the industry who can barely pay their bills who you may assume are “rich” because of their high profile. Some of the most talented people I’ve ever met in LA are doing what they can JUST to make ends meet.

After my divorce, I lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Most people assumed I had fought in court to get a fair deal. Nope. I walked away and let him have it ALL. No lawyer. I didn’t care.

I had E! film in my house and could see their shock. ” I’m not rich and I don’t borrow other people’s homes or lease out of my budget to try to look rich.” is what I told em. “You’re so real!” they replied. No, I am just honest.

It’s all smoke and mirrors. Unless you’re Tom Cruise, Micheal Bay, etc….you’re hustling to get by in that town. Quit assuming.

This is their  Schnepp GoFundMe    . Things are bad. Really bad. Pray, send love, whatever it is that you do.



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