GOODBYE To My 30’s! Decade Review

In my 30s, I slayed some of my mightiest demons.

I quit drinking after having my first shots of booze given to me at a U2 concert when I was 14 to “show me how bad alcohol was”.. (it was Jager, it became my FAVORITE drink)

I quit smoking cigarettes after smoking since I was 13 years old.

I also quit smoking weed every moment of my life since I was 14

I rejected plastic surgery and removed my fake tits…and am now 100% naturally me

I also quit dyeing my grey hair RIGHT before I removed my implants. I had been coloring it since I was 22 years old!

These are no small accomplishments. I found myself ASHAMED and EMBARRASSED when some of my old crew would question why I was doing it. I never shared my therapy sessions where it was pointed out that I was a highly addictive personality and have NO CLUE how to do ANYTHING in moderation. I never explained how I had spent DECADES high every second of my life and NEVER being clear minded. I had NO CLUE who I was sober. None.

Not many people cheered me on or were glad when I did these things for myself, so I felt embarrassed. Many people blamed my husband. Think about that. Blamed him for my lungs clearing from cigarettes and constant bong smoke. Blamed him for my mind clearing for the first time since I was a child and being able to discover who I was sober.
BLAMED MY HUSBAND for how HARD I WORKED to stop doing things that were HURTING ME! All he did was tell me, AFTER I admitted to him that I LIKED being clear headed and that I was going to quit weed for a while…that he had considered breaking up w/me when I was smoking all the time. Why? I repeated myself every moment and he felt like he was dating CHONG. lol. I had oral surgery and had to quit to avoid dry socket. I discovered a fog was lifting off my brain and I LIKED it. My husband not being interested in me going back to dumb pothead Adri was the push I needed to explore further. I hadn’t been with him long enough to even CONSIDER quitting my beloved WEED for him. I do things because I want to.

I have NEVER felt better. I know one person who would have been SO PROUD of me. My Grandma. She wanted me to quit smoking, to quit drinking, to quit being on weed all day every day. She would have been THRILLED! Every time I feel down or that I didn’t have any big cheerleaders during this life change… I remember that EVERYTHING I did….is what she would BEG for me to do while she was alive. I wish I had done it SO BADLY when she was alive. However, now that I found my faith in God again….I KNOW she has seen it all. I like to imagine sitting with her, see her glowing and proud of me for what I have accomplished. I so desperately want it that I fantasize about it ALL THE TIME.

So, I head into my lifelong dreaded 40’s this August 6th…leaving behind the BIGGEST DECADE of self growth and change that I have ever had in my lifetime.

Let’s see what over the hill shall bring

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