Goldbelly Piecaken Review

  1. After seeing 100 ads for the famous Piecaken on our all powerful Overlord Facebook…I took the leap! I dropped a bill on a fucking pie cake. I made this sacrifice for you, internet.


The package was laying on its side when I picked it up. So, I expected it to be a little messed up when I opened it.

This lovely box was inside.


When I cut through another layer, the top had oozed a bit from being set down on its side.


After unwrapping more, I took a spoon and fixed the cherry filling on the top for presentation.

Its a very small, very heavy & pricey pie cake! It IS lovely and well packaged.


Time to dig in!

I asked my husband for his review. He gives it a 4 out of 10. When I asked why, he claimed it was the cherry. He does hate cherry pie. However, its only a small amount. He said the eggnog cheese cake middle layer and pecan pie lower layer were his favorites. He didn’t fancy the red velvet layer and claimed it tasted like cherry. He said the flavors all together was a little odd for him.

My thoughts…  I would give it a 6 or 7 out of 10. I would most likely never buy one again, but I am very glad I wont lie awake at night agonizing over not knowing how this tastes.


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