FUCK Botox, Fillers, Lasers & Plastic Surgery!

We live in a world where we celebrate mutilating ourselves for shallow reasons. We fear aging and shame those who embrace it.  Everyone is beginning to look like a carbon copy of each other…same nose…same lips…same tits…same Brazilian booty. If a woman..gasp!…looks her age? She is MADE FUN OF for aging!

People should be able to choose what they want to do to their own bodies…but I choose to advocate self love and acceptance of who we are as opposed to dangerous elective procedures. Being put under is dangerous. Kanye Wests Mom could tell you. Luckily, I didn’t butcher my face. I wont lie and say I didn’t consider it a lot. My modeling agency wanted me to get a nose job and to fill my upper lip. They said that I would work SO much more if I was just willing to go the extra mile. They spoke about it like it was as simple as changing my diet or running 3x a week. I was fresh from Joliet, IL and had a lot of “FUCK YOU” in my heart, so I told them to suck my ass. I was then told I was NOT willing to “do what it takes” and that I would be replaced by girls who were. Funny, I can look at most magazines and fashion shows to see those girls they spoke of, with their pinched doctored noses and their ballooned lips. When I moved to LA, it was a whole new onslaught. EVERYONE there is picture perfect. It looks like Playboy and Cosmo Magazines staffed each restaurant and coffee house. The comments I would get from people began to wear on me. I finally succumbed to pressure and deep insecurities after only 2 years in that monster called LA….and mutilated my breasts with cancerous sacks of chemicals. I’ve never regretted anything more in my life.

If we want to uplift women…we should recognize how MENTAL it is to promote and or celebrate cutting ourselves up till we look the way we believe is more socially acceptable. The next time I see my 14 year old niece, I am going to open up to her how I am removing my breast implants and what a horrible mistake they were. I will show her the scars on them if she tells me they look good…how they cut my nipples off…and poked holes in my flesh to shove hoses in me to drain my fluids.  I’m going to let her know she is beautiful…and to not model her standard of beauty off an industry full of narcissists, sexual predators and deeply insecure people. The bullshit children are subjected to now is astounding. I can’t fathom living in a world of celebrating plastic surgery at 14 years old.

Some people will accuse me of being judgmental and not supporting my fellow woman. I think there are quite enough people who will applaud you and tell you how much better you are as a human once you slice and dice yourself to your version of perfection. I was surrounded by those before in my life. As I sit here in the mountains pondering my life choices I can CLEARLY see that someone saying what I am saying now would have benefited me greatly. A knife is not going to fix what you feel inside. Therapy does that. After many years of it, I am sitting here wishing I could go back and spirit that young idiot away from Dr. Frank Ryan’s Office. I wish I never would have discussed it or done it on TV to influence other women with my insecurities and stupidity.  Ladies, I AM SORRY. To any of you who liked me and watched my shows, I AM SORRY. So, in this world of madness and trying to “fix” our every flaw with  weird chemicals and knives…let me tell you that you are special JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

Mr. Rogers was fucking ONTO something, guys.


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