Free Thought Costs….Everything

Free thought, free will, and general freedom seems like a lost art. You must think EXACTLY as the mob says or off with your head! Being a huge fan of Alan Moore, I can’t help but see how V FOR VENDETTA this country is turning. It seems many call for what can only be considered a Police State. One can only hope a “V” is waiting in the wings…something that cannot be killed because it’s only an IDEA…and ideas are bulletproof. Both the Film AND Comic are fantastic. The comic dances with Fascism vs. anarchy…while the film is American neo-liberalism vs. American Neo-Conservatism.  I feel the films tweaking of the political stance (even though it takes places in Britain) really applies to the United States today.
The new trend seems to be using catch phrases, gender or race to shut down anyone’s train of thought or beliefs that you do not agree with. It’s almost like a feminist who’s angry with the point of view from a man. She knows he is right, but gets to shut him down with “YOU’RE A MAN!” I think it is unfair to us all to simply shut someone down using their sex and or skin color for simply not agreeing with your exact train of thought. It is bordering fascism, hence my inability to NOT constantly mull over the graphic novel “V For Vendetta”.
If you haven’t read the comic or seen the movie, I implore you to do so. They ‘re  both amazing…but as I said, the movie greatly applies to American Political issues today.


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