Fellow Empaths

I want to reach out to my fellow empaths. We are greatly judged for our sensitivity. Every day I am told I hide my head and I should be ashamed for not constantly beating myself down or posting nonstop with the negative issues of the world. This is because people who are not SO sensitive they can literally FEEL (and SHARE!) someones pain, do not understand what it is like to feel so intensely. They do not understand the crushing feeling your heart gets when it begins to hemorrhage. They are limited in their understanding of you as a human being with emotional superpowers.

If you need a break from politics,  race wars, gender issues, coworkers, etc because the negativity and anger surrounding them is pushing you to the brink, you are NOT a bad person. You…are a super feeler. You feel so deeply and completely that too much of bad things can mentally destroy you. There are people who don’t like crowds (introverts) and people who do (extroverts) and everyone seems to be able to understand that concept. Why people cannot understand US and our ability to feel so deeply is simply because you cannot grasp that which you do not know. People who walk by a homeless person and do not even look at them are the same people telling us we should do A., B., C, and D when it comes to social mobbing and social media justice. People who can completely tune out worldwide sex trafficking/pedophilia (and do nothing about it in any way) are the ones bitching about the name of HUNGRY MAN dinner meals because they think it is sexist. They are the same people telling us WE have the issues! No, we feel differently. We see things differently. We go much farther under the surface where most people tread water happily and blissfully.

Your soul is beautiful. Your ability to feel empathy, put yourself in another’s shoes, all of it, is glorious. The same thing people talk down to us about “You’re too sensitive!” is the same thing they LOVE about us. When THEY are down and out, when THEY need our empathy, compassion and help…they take it. When THEY want to be understood to the point of feeling an actual soul connection, then we are celebrated. Do not let the limitations of others define who you are. Do not change how you treat others and uplift them simply because they do not offer it to you. Many people are VERY selfish and completely insensitive. The sad part is, they have SO little self awareness, they wont ever change it. Don’t let them dull your shine. FEEL those feelings. Tune out the bad so you may heal your heart before tapping back in. Know that you are a beautiful person and being OVERLY SENSITIVE is not always a bad thing. Anyone who tells you that you are “too sensitive” are usually being a dick.




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