Fashion & Makeup for The Frugal Broad


That is what I have always been. Two factory working parents and a Grandma who was raised in The Great depression are who raised me. I get more bang for my buck. I could give a flying shit less about NAME BRANDS. Who cares? 12 year olds? That snotty ex best friend you used to go to the mall with? I am always on the search for steals. I found THIS TOP

on amazon. I bought it in medium is MANY different colors because it ACTUALLY FITS MY ARMS! I have long monkey arms. The cheapest I bought was 11 dollars! the most expensive? 15! I have 4 of them! When you are tall and unable to find clothes that fit, once you do, you buy TONS!. They are super high rated and I bought a bunch of other Allegra K shirts , as well. I LOVE comfort. I LOVE tunics…I LOVE extra room to eat some food! lol. I spent so many years lying to myself that tight clothes were so super comfortable! NO. They were not. I was trying to show off my body and was willing to sacrifice comfort to do so. Not anymore! I KNOW my body is badass cause I work on it. I also know being comfortable in your life is far more important than a cat call. When I die, my grave will not say “she was uncomfortable her whole life due to vanity.


I also used my Avon Magical Eyes pallet (on sale for $3.99) to create this smokey eggplant, champagne and black flare eye look.


I topped it off with Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner, lipliner AND brow definer all on sale for $2.99! No makeup on my face. I am only wearing Anew clinical multi tone skin corrector serum under Avon skinvincible spf50 day cream  and MajiX Face Perfector primer.

Jewelry is Dimondesque Bracelet on sale for $12.99 (was 24.99) and Diamondesque Earrings That come in the earring and necklace set on sale for $24.99 (used to be $49.99!)



Frugal is thy middle name!


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