Everyone is photoshopped !

Sometimes, if I go on Instagram and see someone my age that I know from Hollyweird…I will feel pretty bad about how I look in comparison to their perfectly posed photos.

Then, upon closer inspection….I cannot help but notice heavy filter/photoshop and feel better. Every SINGLE one of their pics is overdone. Not a single window into how they REALLY look.
I get a filter or something if you are selling makeup…jewelry….all dressed up at a special occasion….but every day? I used to feel self conscious¬†about going online in the morning fresh out of bed. People would come in and bully me about how ugly I looked, haggard and aged. They would Bully me so badly, I’d sometimes find myself so self conscious and obsessive over how ugly I am. I had to shake that. People who mock others on their looks is more of a reflection of who THEY are than anything about the person they are making fun of. The majority of the time, if you go look at the people saying it…they barely have a leg to stand on in the beauty department.

I guess it doesn’t matter how old we get, etc. A bully will ALWAYS bully. I don’t even think people who bully others for their looks, etc on the internet are AWARE that they are bullies. They think that Jennifer Anniston is fair game because she is a celebrity…or some twitch streamer deserves to be called ugly because she had the AUDACITY to stream a stream. Human behavior at times can be quite horrifying.

I will never forget after posting the image below of me JUST waking up after major reconstruction on my pecs AND explant of my implants….people mocking how haggard and ugly I looked. 6 hours of surgery later. lol. They should have seen me after the SECOND surgery I had to get rushed into later that night. I looked like a real horror show when they rolled me out.

Everyone likes to feel glamorous and lovely. However, life is REAL. It is raw and at times unforgiving. Can you imagine if I filtered the pic above? lol. Look at how lovely I am after being butchered! FYI, I was a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale when that was taken. I was SO HIGH and asked my hubby to snap a shot of my blog on my journey to explant all remnants of Hollywood from my body. I remember when I sobered up a few days later and looked at it. I was like “Damn, dude…I look like SHIT!!!”

I personally think it’s a great marketing tactic to show people the before and after of me morning routine w/Avon INCHES from my busted ass morning mug. I clean up well! I think it is also nice to remind everyone I am human JUST like they are. It must be EXHAUSTING to have to pretend you are perfect all the time. As for those who like to pretend they are good people as they tear their fellow ladies to shreds for how they look…..make sure you hide any mirrors you have. Most importantly, the inner ones who will reveal the type of human being you are

Atreyu confronts his true self in the mirror gate


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