Concerning My Husband and I…

This is a post about me and my handsome husband. We both have disgruntled fans who are upset we don’t do what we used to do. He left what he built at Twitch for many years because he had a HUGE opportunity in Voice Overs. It pays more, is really cool and respected and is FAR LESS STRESSFUL! Streaming all day leaves your home feeling like the Truman Show. That is why after he and I hooked up I had to quit my own streaming. It was a stress ball in our home! He loved streaming as Ducksauce, it was his baby, but he had ALWAYS pursued a career in entertainment. He had stated many times that when he landed a sweet gig he would be done streaming. Well, guess what happened? 😛 Yes, I nudged him a LOT to pursue V.O., but it is because his gift was being wasted yelling about micro penises to gamers, funny as it was. Now, he is all over the TV and radio in commercials. Right now he is on the campaign for STUBER and is the voice for the upcoming Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark! He is also the voice for the new Star Trek shows on CBS all access.

We both gave up our successful careers to pursue something far better and more meaningful in our lives. HAPPINESS. We are both SO grateful for those who helped us along the way. I am especially grateful as I have been in the public eye since basically the dawn of civilization…lol. We are about to move to a home with 1G Fiber internet! Nowe you can REALLY see my eye shadow blending. He most likely will stream his bushcrafting more since our internet will be capable and I will sit here being the Avon Lady I am now. I think we both had a lot of disappointed fans because of our career choices. My fans wanted to see me continue to book Hollywood gigs, run around red carpets, jetting to every comic con while appearing on their tv sets. Matthew’s fans wanted him screaming, flexing and playing video games in a box all day. Improving our lives, getting married, buying homes, adulting….isn’t shitting on fans. It is us living our lives together. Fancy people doing that…living their best lives with each other instead of projecting things for everyone else! How dare they!? You can’t please everyone. However, what kind of life are you living if you are living it for everyone but YOU? I think many of my fans had heard my lamenting about how miserable I was in the rat race that was Hollywood. Matthew got to experience how backstabby and bad LA was from watching me and his own dealings. We came together and decided we deserve a MUCH BETTER LIFE with one another. Now…we have it. I fucking LOVE this man. There isn’t a human being I could move to the edge of the world with, selling Avon to make a living and being SATISFIED with that after the life I have lived besides him.

My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life…..and I have had CATS, people! CATS! We are so stoked for our new home, and have been exposing WAY less of our lives on social media (though I do apply makeup in Avon streams, we have virtually STOPPED sharing our personal lives and it has been HEALTHY AND AWESOME!). This has been especially off putting for my fans seeing how my entire career was overexposing my life. Many would look at my makeup streams as that, but it really isn’t….not compared to what I used to do! I’m at about 3% exposure nowadays! I think people feel sometimes you owe them. That you are a clown to entertain them and when you get busy doing other things, you are a piece of shit for not dancing on a camera. These kinds of people are the very reason both Matthew and I pulled back a ton on social media and streaming. I stream makeup and sell makeup. My husband demolishes the movie trailer business with his epic velvet voice…and makes cool outdoors videos when HE HAS TIME. He enjoys doing it and likes giving back to the community he built. I think it is amazing he hasn’t had time. That means he is very successful at what he is doing and I couldn’t be more proud of him!

We both had careers where you had to give SO much of yourself…you had very little left by the end of the day. Our first few years were a ball of stress and nerves, finding our way down new paths. We are pretty happy in our lives. I am SO proud of him and I know he is proud of me. I am no longer a cool celebrity on tv that is awesome and super famous and junk. I’m a fucking Avon Lady that lives in the woods. he isn’t a loud, funnyman streamer dedicating 8 hours a day 7 days a week to entertaining people whilst playing video games…..he is a fucking mega star in the movie trailer world! I fantasize about doing a stream or two together one day, but not dedicating my life to exposing my shit. I like my privacy. It feels good! Matthew likes his privacy, so expect Avon from me, a little camping from him..and the occasional coming together…simply because I REALLY enjoy doing things with my fucking husband! If I didn’t sell Avon, you’d probably see as much of me as you see of my husband. there is more to life than dancing like a monkey every day for likes and validation 😛


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