Clothes As We Age, Or Leave LA

Naturally, as we get older we tend to change the way we dress. Most of us move on from wanting to look 22 and become more sophisticated. When you hit 35, something changes. LESS is more. A confidence floods over most of us and we don’t feel like we need to flash everything to be amazing. We already know we are. In fact, I get EMBARRASSED when I realize people are scoffing at my cleavage or too short shorts. My old home Los Angeles is in a perpetual state of wanting to be 22 years old. The clothes a woman wears at 45 years old in Hollywood would shock most people in the Midwest/west, and not in a good way. I realized upon leaving LA, that my a”toned down” wardrobe was VERY Hoochie Momma for a retirement town in the mountains of AZ. It amused me, because I had already donated my more revealing clothes and bought new ones when I hit 32. I shopped for even less revealing clothes while here. Comfort and class feels more important to me than my tits flopped out on display for everyone to gawk at and judge me for. It isn’t a good feeling.

I don’t like to attract attention to myself anymore. I don’t have some insatiable need to turn heads when I walk in a room. Being almost 6 foot tall can do that on it’s own. It is not perpetual summer here in the mountains, nor will in be in Montana. There is no reason to dress in anything too revealing. To go live a quiet life and seemingly demand attention with my wardrobe is not what I want. I want to blend in. I want to live quietly. Even my wedding dress I am having tweaked so my tits are not spilling out of it with a deep cut that I want more demure than revealing. The thought of wearing it in front of people or even showing anyone a picture of me in a wedding dress with major cleavage embarrasses and humiliates me…and I haven’t even done it! I can’t imagine sitting down for our wedding dinner and feeling negative judgement from people around me thinking I am dressed like shit on my most special day. I don’t need tits flopped out everywhere to be beautiful. I AM beautiful. Less IS more. These are things I wish I had realized when I was younger. I did not need to try so damn hard. I was a spry little stunner. This doesnt mean I cant wear a pair of shorts and have a hint of cleavage. This just means I don’t want to dress like a kid anymore.

I’m not judging anyone else on how they choose to display their bodies to the public. Frankly, it has no effect on my life and I could give two shits less. This is simply a reflection of my own personal journey. I didn’t see my worth. I didn’t see that I don’t have to try so damn hard. I don’t want the attention you get from flaunting around. It was ALWAYS overtly sexual and uncomfortable. I LOVE the compliments I get NOW far more than the over sexed ones I got when I wore revealing clothes. More women compliment me. The words used are far more beautiful and uplifting. People tell my guy he is lucky…and not in a sexual way.

¬†More is less… Less is more.



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