Christmas Decor Prt 2!

Here is a little taste of the inside of our home! I decked out Matthew’s sound booth! Hahaha. The world is full of shit. What we NEED is a little Christmas cheer! So, let’s ENJOY the beauty of this season together. I do not believe in God, but I celebrate Christmas. Jesus and Santa are great stories and I love them. Below are pictures I took, as well as the amazing video Matthew and I filmed for my little avon store! Keep in mind, this is just a taste. My ENTIRE house is decked out. Each room has Christmas exploded all over it! I want people to feel JOY when they walk into our home…and I am sure I achieved it.

I see many bloggers have their perfect white MODERN homes. White this and WHITE that. I find that BORING. I live in MONTANA on a damn mountain. Our home is a RANCH on a LOT of acres! You wont see that frilly foo foo NYC looking crap here. I want my home to be a HOME. NOT some sterile ad for white everything! I detest all white lights and how unoriginal each blog post I see on Christmas is. I want COLOR. I want it DECKED OUT, not strategically placed ornaments here and there. Our tree has over 650 LED lights. I love their intensity. I’ve gone for a VERY royal and rich theme. It took me over 8 hours to decorate my main tree alone. In the walk out basement/media room….I wanted those trees to have a country feel, so I did them all in plaid. Still, I did not want to lose the joy of Christmas colors, so I avoided all that boring foo foo country crap you see on instagram 😛




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