Celebrities Deserve It! Tales From The Other Side

If you are famous, then you deserve to be treated like a circus freak in a 1920s carnivale. 10 cents per gander! I used my Raptor Jesus pic to drive this home…because…well…I fucking loved dressing up as Raptor Jesus. Does there need to BE an actual reason for this photo??
I have seen people treat “famous people” like monkeys at a zoo for YEARS. People then wonder why some (celebs) get a disdain for fans. I didn’t used to understand why some were just assholes to people who adored them. Over the years, I finally understand. They are broken. I get my fair share of assholes. For some, a steady flow of 50% asshole fan can break them. They no longer tolerate any fan because they are so sick and tired of someone just being an asshole. Luckily, I still have SOME faith in humanity. I have met some pretty cool people over the years. But man, I have met some real pricks.
People see you and suddenly any manners or common sense is lost out the window. I am not talking about someone being excited, asking for a picture, or saying some stuff. That is fine! I’m talking about the psychos. The questions people will ask me in front of my FAMILY, FRIENDS, or LOVER are absurd. “Hey, how was it posing naked for Playboy, I have it in my bathroom! Was it cold on set?” has been asked in front of my BROTHER. “I bet you didn’t get enough sex with so and so” asked in front of my COUSIN. “I used to masturbate to your diamond shoot from top model!” was a real gem, shouted to me whilst having a BUSINESS LUNCH with someone surrounded by families with CHILDREN!  I get so defeated at times with the inappropriate questioning or statements.  Worst, are the ones about my past relationship. I wish that person the best life they can possibly have. Our time together was highly toxic and unhealthy. I don’t want to be reminded of it. It sucked.  I could go my entire life with never ever hearing about that person again and miss absolutely nothing. If not for other people, I’d rarely if ever think about it again in my life. I did my time in therapy to heal. Good luck and God speed!
The frustration I feel is from the CONSTANT bringing up of my past with my husband RIGHT THERE. I get it. My past was public and I did a tv show a long time ago (10 years ago it went off air). Awesome. It’s why when writing my wedding blog… I briefly touched on the fact that I, unfortunately, WAS married prior. It was a huge mistake by a young kid that didn’t understand the meaning of respect and equality. I just don’t care to spend another moment of my life explaining that we are not still friends. We do not still talk…and frankly, I don’t care to ever discuss their existence again. Sometimes, I can let it slide. But man, when I am PMSing? That shit drives me batty!
I feel sick to my stomach when people bring anything up about that person in front of my husband. It is so rude and frankly, disgusting. I don’t know how he has handled it this well over the years. He has struggled at times. I think I’d have gone to a fucking mental institution if people brought up his ex to me as much as people bring mine up to him. How fucking horrible. As someone who is extremely empathetic, my soul fucking CRINGES when it happens. I literally want to vanish from the situation and float far far away into the void.
I think us moving to the middle of nowhere has a lot to do with wanting to just remove ourselves from all of that as well as the Hollywood scene. Having people “sneak photograph/film” me while we were out, having their flashes go off while we sit on the plane, having them ask rude fucking questions in front of Matthew…it was too much. It was always too much for me….but man, do I want to protect him from the very things that ended up shredding my soul up. That’s my fucking LIFE, right there. I adore him and don’t want any of this shit. When writing my wedding blog, I left out a small part. Whilst waiting for our table to have our first meal as husband and wife, we stood in the lobby of the classy hotel at the restaurant entrance. We were in a VERY intimate moment, clearly a bride and groom complete with bouquet and boutonniere. We gazed into each others eyes smiling, caressing each others hands, soaking in our newly wed bliss. A woman approached us. I immediately assumed to congratulate us. NOPE! “MY FAIR BRADY? THE SURREAL LIFE? FAMOUS CELEBRITY? ” My entire being cringed. Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt my husband wrap his arm around me as I tried to deal with the situation as best as I could in the moment. When she finally left her fun moment of “gawking at the strange animal in the zoo”, I turned to my guy. He looked at me with that devilish smirk and said something along the lines of “Congratulations! Let’s talk about Peter fucking Brady!” I laughed.  Thank GOD I have this man in my life. I was literally about to collapse on the floor in tears…and instead, he makes me laugh.
People excuse this odd behavior because “So and so is a magical celebrity! They DESERVE me to act like an absolute weirdo because THEY were on TV! It’s OK to morph into a strange psycho, because THEY are a celebrity! If they DON’T want me to be a complete turd to them, they should shutter themselves into their home!” Well, I one upped you, crazy people. I moved to the middle of FUCKING NOWHERE. 😛
Just a small rant on the downside of any sort of “fame”.


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