Time To Admit Some Hard Shit!

For the past few years I have been meticulously studying pictures on “real self” about breast explantation. I have been pretty vocal since early 2015 that I am done with these…but I was scared. My Last Blog Waking Through my surgeries and decision Most my friends back in LA all have boob jobs. 80% or […]

Sociopaths:You May Be At Risk!

When news hit of Chris Watts having killed his Wife and children, I thought I knew why. My gut told me she found out he was messing around with men and women and she confronted him. Oddly, it seems that may have been the case. The scariest time of my life was when I started […]

Addiction IS Narcissism

There is no way around it, to be addicted to anything is to be narcissistic.  When I used to smoke, I put those around me at risk, knowingly. I’d play make believe that my cigarette smoke was magical, and wouldn’t find it’s way in the house I was smoking next to, the vents, etc. I […]