HBO’s Watchmen & His Dark Materials Review

Watchmen is beautifully filmed. Some of it is beautifully written. It is certainly well acted. However, something has just felt….wrong. For one, it is a spin off of the GREATEST Graphic novel of all time. So great, it made time magazines top 100 novels, the ONLY comic to ever do so. As my husband pointed […]

Breast Implant Illness/ Explanting/ Surgeons

I wanted to write this blog based on the 7 years I have spent researching and trying to understand how I could accomplish this with the best results. I had many setbacks which led to me not having it done yet, one being my Myomectomy in 2017. I didn’t want back to back major surgical […]

What Drives Us To “Overshare”?

Sometimes, I feel compelled to share some personal life experience or issue on social media. I’ve even typed things out in full in the past. Then, I realize that I should not share this much of my life on this kind of bullhorn announcement center. Something I’d share with my family isnt something a coworker, […]


This is like the LAST MARCH OF THE ENTS. I do not feel like I have had a home since I was 20 years old. I have bounced around cities and the world ever since. A nomadic life was fun and games for a while, but now I have this insatiable desire to nest. not […]

Is Your Lover Inappropriate Online?

For many years. I found myself with men who had NO respect for me. They spent hours combing the internet to comment, like, etc on ” sexy pictures”. Their friends list was full of titillating women who would post pic after enticing pic that my guy would lap up. I felt insecure and incredibly unhappy […]

Winter Came…and it was LAME. GOT review

Last week, I watched the most highly anticipated episode of any series ever. Since book 1 and season one, The Battle Of Winterfell… The Great War has been teased nonstop. It (the show) started with the walkers. The ENTIRE STORY was how bad ass these guys were and how THE GAME OF THRONES political battles […]

Religion, Spirituality, Diets, and More!

God, Allah, aliens, veganism, mediums/psychics, energies, vegetarianism, butt cleanses/fad diets, betterment workshops, the stars telling me what my life will be… none of this is for me. Nothing against those who do sign up for it, in fact, I support you doing what makes YOU happy!  I just don’t identify with what you believe in. […]

Time To Admit Some Hard Shit!

For the past few years I have been meticulously studying pictures on “real self” about breast explantation. I have been pretty vocal since early 2015 that I am done with these…but I was scared. My Last Blog Waking Through my surgeries and decision Most my friends back in LA all have boob jobs. 80% or […]

Sociopaths:You May Be At Risk!

When news hit of Chris Watts having killed his Wife and children, I thought I knew why. My gut told me she found out he was messing around with men and women and she confronted him. Oddly, it seems that may have been the case. The scariest time of my life was when I started […]