Sexual Assault @ Star Wars Convention

With all the rape/assault conversations going on I thought I’d share something that has always REALLY bothered me. I have a good 50 plus witnesses to a man who reached up my skirt at ORLANDO while I was dressed as Slave Leia for Star Wars celebration V. I was in the hotel entrance chatting with […]

Autumn Decorating!!

On our mini honeymoon, my husband told me he would like to help me create some content based on my decorating and whatnot in the home. Seeing how we are SO rural now, this delighted me to no end. All my hard work would be SEEN! Yesterday, I decided it was time.  As Christmas is […]

When Will You Have A Baby??

Every single day, I hear this question. I won’t lie, it is offensive. On my worst days, it will leave me wanting to crawl in a corner to sob. I CANNOT have a baby. Asking me every day when I will have one is harmful. Why people find this intrusive question acceptable to ask couples […]

I Quit Twitter

  And that is how I left twitter. It is a platform where very popular movements are started by pedophiles ( #metoo ).  It is full of anger, putrid filth and hatred, and that is being kind. Those are the things you find on that platform. Memes making fun of people dying, non stop vomit […]

You Are Who You Hang With

I know people will say how judgmental I am, but I have been a firm believer that the people you allow around yourself are a direct reflection of you. It’s a hard pill to swallow when you find yourself friends with someone most consider a scum bag, but these old sayings are around for a […]

Gossip. Grow Up.

I guess it doesn’t matter how old we get in our lives. If someone says something and it gets back to you, it hurts your feelings. I have had this happen with friends, people I just met, etc. There are times I say hi to people at a comic con, or accommodate a fan while […]

Skimpy Thongs For Likes!

For many years I marketed myself via my looks. It is how I broke into entertainment. During this time I had a few relationships. I noticed that in those relationships, I was given a lot of freedom. Freedom to pose for Playboy’s celebrity cover/spread…twice, Maxim, etc. Freedom to post pictures of myself modeling, etc online […]

Curing My Narcissism

The Story of Narcissus and Echo read the above story for a great lesson. Since making the decision to stop marketing myself in a “sexy” way and refocus my life, my eyes have been opened to many things. One, most of us on social media are insufferable narcissists. If it isn’t jamming our political opinions […]

Social Media Addicts

Until I deleted Facebook & Twitter from my phone, I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on them. Throughout the day, I find myself glancing at my cellphone. If it’s not a glance, then I have picked it up in an attempt to search for apps that are not there. I have cut my social media […]