Growing Up & Learning What Love ISN’T

“You were SO immature on your old shows! You were so wild and crazy! You must still be that way!” This is something I hear a lot. So, I want to ask, what did YOU act like fresh after your 22nd bday? Were you the beacon of maturity? Probably not. I can look back on […]

Concerning My Husband and I…

This is a post about me and my handsome husband. We both have disgruntled fans who are upset we don’t do what we used to do. He left what he built at Twitch for many years because he had a HUGE opportunity in Voice Overs. It pays more, is really cool and respected and is […]

Don’t Defend Your Worth

Recently, I had a falling out with someone I wrongly thought felt the same way about me as I felt about them. A shocking ordeal, to be sure. I am VERY selective with those I let into my inner circle and incredibly loyal to them. To find what was essentially a “fly by night” buddy […]

Our Mighty Throne Of Judgement

This new movement of make believing people shouldn’t judge each other is absurd. People judge everyone and everything in every moment. I see a guy yell at his girl? I judge he is a piece of shit. I see a scrubby looking man acting erratically in an ally? I judge that he may hurt me […]

Sociopaths:You May Be At Risk!

When news hit of Chris Watts having killed his Wife and children, I thought I knew why. My gut told me she found out he was messing around with men and women and she confronted him. Oddly, it seems that may have been the case. The scariest time of my life was when I started […]

Addiction IS Narcissism

There is no way around it, to be addicted to anything is to be narcissistic.  When I used to smoke, I put those around me at risk, knowingly. I’d play make believe that my cigarette smoke was magical, and wouldn’t find it’s way in the house I was smoking next to, the vents, etc. I […]

Free Thought Costs….Everything

Free thought, free will, and general freedom seems like a lost art. You must think EXACTLY as the mob says or off with your head! Being a huge fan of Alan Moore, I can’t help but see how V FOR VENDETTA this country is turning. It seems many call for what can only be considered […]

Celebrities Deserve It! Tales From The Other Side

If you are famous, then you deserve to be treated like a circus freak in a 1920s carnivale. 10 cents per gander! I used my Raptor Jesus pic to drive this home…because…well…I fucking loved dressing up as Raptor Jesus. Does there need to BE an actual reason for this photo?? I have seen people treat […]

Musing On Marriage

I used to sit in toxic relationships and put my all into them in an attempt to “make it work”. I was REALLY GOOD at putting on a “face”. I would slap on a smiling persona and gush about a man who I knew to be a piece of shit because I did not want […]

Oh Baby, Does it SUCK? Review!

For the last few weeks, my shark professional vacuum has NOT been my friend. It has lost all suction. I ordered replacement filters in the hopes that I could breathe new life into it, to no avail. It was time to get a new vacuum. After watching them call names in the Senate, to which […]