I Lost Myself After Winning Top Model

I always liked to think that I held my shit together quite well after winning Top Model. I fancied myself grounded and still “down to earth. I wasn’t. Fame is a disease. You dont have photographers chasing you and fans screaming and crying when they see you and come out normal. Over the years, it […]

What Drives Us To “Overshare”?

Sometimes, I feel compelled to share some personal life experience or issue on social media. I’ve even typed things out in full in the past. Then, I realize that I should not share this much of my life on this kind of bullhorn announcement center. Something I’d share with my family isnt something a coworker, […]


This is like the LAST MARCH OF THE ENTS. I do not feel like I have had a home since I was 20 years old. I have bounced around cities and the world ever since. A nomadic life was fun and games for a while, but now I have this insatiable desire to nest. not […]

Is Your Lover Inappropriate Online?

For many years. I found myself with men who had NO respect for me. They spent hours combing the internet to comment, like, etc on ” sexy pictures”. Their friends list was full of titillating women who would post pic after enticing pic that my guy would lap up. I felt insecure and incredibly unhappy […]

Winter Came…and it was LAME. GOT review

Last week, I watched the most highly anticipated episode of any series ever. Since book 1 and season one, The Battle Of Winterfell… The Great War has been teased nonstop. It (the show) started with the walkers. The ENTIRE STORY was how bad ass these guys were and how THE GAME OF THRONES political battles […]

Healthy Boundaries..Stop Being a Push Over!

I was raised that you give your own shirt off your back to anyone who asks. It’s a wonderful concept. However, if you are swimming in shark infested waters, it is an open invitation for mental extermination. I am a push over. Walk me through a convention…and the first sales person to ask me to […]

Our Wedding-The North Remembers 9-15-2018

The decision to not invite anyone to our wedding was due to a few reasons. The remote locations we wanted to wed in as well as not many people being excited for our wedding. I had moved to IL twice during our relationship when things hit a boiling point. Both times,¬†Matthew adjusted things I never […]

My Years Of Body Dysmorphia

I used to try to be as fit as I could. I was constantly told if I was not physical perfection, I would not ever work. I compared myself to other people in entertainment and obsessed over the fact that I worked harder and did more but did not look as good. I was really […]

The Fading Of An Old Life: Trading In My Heels For Boots!

Time to get rid of most my dresses and high heels! I live on a big ranch. There is no need for this stuff anymore. I have been purchasing practical clothes. Furry vests for autumn, snow boots for the cold winter months. Cargo shorts instead of LA short shorts and lots of hiking shoes and […]