America’s Top Avon Lady: Adrianne Curry

For all of you who supported me through all the years….and did NOT laugh at me when I ditched Hollywood. I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated the support. To all you new people who found a crazy mountain hermit prepping for the end of days ….who ALSO liked to sell Avon…I thank […]

I Have Changed?

 I was a full blown pot head and straight ticket democratic voter living alone in LA cosplaying and hosting E3  when I purchased my first shot gun. My friends acted like I ate babies and everyone yelled at me like psycho lunatics. I finally felt safe…but I learned my own friends would rather I quake […]

My Last Interview

Michael Malice is an interesting character (I like his views on politics & read his new book “The New Right”). He asked if I would be interested in doing his “Your Welcome” series… and I said yes to this interview, knowing I most likely will never do one again. The reason why is ANY TIME […]

Tackling My Smart Phone Addiction

Do you think YOU could put your phone down?   My phone is OFF for the weekend and stuffed into a faraday bag. I have already looked for it 5 times this morning, even sitting at my desk now sipping coffee. I am going to be spending far less time shackled to a tracking device/ball […]

Goldbelly Piecaken Review

After seeing 100 ads for the famous Piecaken on our all powerful Overlord Facebook…I took the leap! I dropped a bill on a fucking pie cake. I made this sacrifice for you, internet.   The package was laying on its side when I picked it up. So, I expected it to be a little messed […]

A Poem

I always likened Trent Reznor’s writing to J.R.R. Tolkiens music…the cadence and rhymes. Usually I am a stickler for lines matching and flow, but this was heavy on my heart and I needed to write it.   Enjoy     Emptiness   No matter how hard I try, no matter my true intent There simply […]

I Was A Horrific Role Model

Seeing the press about the new Cardi B song, I am reminded of when I thought my worth was my looks and what was between my legs. I marketed myself as a sex symbol. I was rewarded for doing so financially and publicly. The men I attracted to be in a relationship with me during […]


10 or so years ago, I went to Russia to work. I almost died while I was there… (I collapsed in a hotel and was rushed via ambulance to the ER in St. Petersburg. I had to do treatments daily after being released from the hospital till my lungs were ok to go up in […]

You Are Not Alone In Feeling Alone!

I think many of us feel more alone than we ever have in our entire lives. When you log onto your social media, you see all your friends and family spewing hate, posting NONSTOP outrage posts, CANCEL (insert person here) or trying to condescendingly educate you. No matter what you do, it sometimes feels like […]

Before TMZ….I Survived Pre “Anti Bullying” Media

Remember the gossip sites BEFORE TMZ? There was one major one. It was a play off of a famous celebrity Heiress. A friend of mine pointed out they wrote about me recently. I didn’t know it was still around. Not being snarky, just figured he did what I did..grew up and got the fuck out. […]