Am I to Be Forgiven? Redemption.

It’s easy for people to say they are sorry and NOT mean it. The recent “struggle sessions” that have grown popular on social media is just that. A witch hunt starts for an individual by overly involved people who take it upon themselves to be DEEPLY offended. They hunt down their subject, torturing them, bullying […]

Everyone is photoshopped !

Sometimes, if I go on Instagram and see someone my age that I know from Hollyweird…I will feel pretty bad about how I look in comparison to their perfectly posed photos. Then, upon closer inspection….I cannot help but notice heavy filter/photoshop and feel better. Every SINGLE one of their pics is overdone. Not a single […]

Check Out my Husband’s New Site!

after over 9 weeks of living in the wilderness of Maine in an intense immersion course (and NO FULL SHOWER!) My hubby came back home certified in Crazy Survivalist stuff. He also joined the American Mountain Men in Montana. He started a new website to document his passion, the outdoors…   He has NO […]

Xenophobes Question the CCP & Our Corrupt Government!

China destroyed the coral reefs in their sea to build militarized islands against the UN and other treaties…then lied and said it wasn’t for military. Nothing happened. No environmentalists cared. They paid off corrupt opfficials to turn a blind eye.  They pour pollution into our air. No one cares. China went on the offense and […]

New Website Incoming!

I am revamping my entire website in the next few months to include a “members only” area /tip jar for all of you who have asked if there was ANY other way to support me that was NOT facebook, etc taking a cut.  With the help of my husband (he too is BIG MAN OUTDOORS […]

The Chicken Factory Is Up And Running!

After a lot of careful thought and consideration for what I wanted in terms of raising chickens…I decided to settle on an 2 Omlet Eglu Cube chicken coops and a Walk in chicken run to raise our 18 chickens. The plastic coop and ease of cleaning really attracted me to it. We have a pressure […]

Being Woke Is A Disease

If you point out the color of somebody’s skin or their gender to invalidate their opinion….you are a gaslighting, sexist and a racist. Your argument is as weak as your character….thus, you have to resort to racism and sexism to shut people up. These are the same tactics an abusive spouse uses against their partner. […]

My Life With My Husband

I love my husband. He is a good man and he treats me like gold. Protecting our lives, yet still exposing a tiny bit of myself to be a makeup peddler 3x a week….has been a balance. I have gotten REALLY good at keeping most my life under wraps. Many years ago, I was begging […]

Forgiveness without Apology

Forgiving someone does not mean you set yourself up for more pain or mistreatment. It simply means you do not carry a torch of anger and resentment for actions that harmed you. One of the HARDEST things I have had to do was forgive someone I love who is not sorry at all and feels […]