You’re Infected With Selective Outrage Propaganda

Did you see anyone showing their support of the Uighur Muslims being GENOICIDED at the recent State Of The Union? No? Just Ukraine? Did you see ANY pro America support? No? We just talked about one of the most corrupt nations on the planet with an actual official division of NEO NAZIS in it’s military? […]

Will I Spill Tea On My Past Marriage?

One of the top questions I hear from people would have to be “when are you going to write a book?” For the most part, I think it comes from a place where people want me to “spill the tea” on my former marriage. It seems to be all the rage nowadays, tell all and […]

Ask Yourself…..What Would Happen To YOU?

Ask yourself, of these career politicians, which of them would keep their jobs at ANY other workplace AFTER helping spend the company 30 TRILLION in debt? Which would be high fived and allowed to accumulate millions of dollars with nothing to show how they made it whilst making a meager salary you can all see? […]

Mocking Medicated&UNmedicated/ People W/Death Photos

It seems the new trend is to post photos of people dying in the ICU to mock anyone who hasn’t trusted in Big Pharma or the insane and almost deranged push by Government/special interests to medicate. I also see unmedicated people posting stories and mocking athletes that fall from heart issues, celebrities that pass away […]

What’s REALLY Happening W/Joe Rogan

It wasn’t about covid misinformation. If it was, they wouldn’t have kept digging for other reasons to cancel Joe. When I saw Joe saying that he would bring more establishment approved guests to counter those the establishment works tirelessly to silence …I knew it wasn’t enough because they want JOE GONE. His is the ONLY […]

I Am An Irrelevant Has-been!

Clearly, my only desire in life is to chase the Dragon in Hollywood. I jumped from one celebrity mate to the other, climbing the ladder of relevancy till I hit the big time….as all good little fame whores do. ::snort:: The number one insult internet trolls toss at me is usually how I am haggard, […]

The Cult Is Taking Over

Live and let live used to be the motto. COEXIST. Now, unless you lock step with EVERY belief of someone in this new progressive religion…they label you a “phobe” or “racist”. My gay relatives and I laugh our ASSES off when I tell them internet trolls run around claiming I am anti gay. These progressive […]

Time To Take Responsibility!

The hardest thing for someone to do is to be accountable for their own life decisions. We live in a culture where people are encouraged to play victim and point fingers. EVERYONE is offended and EVERYONE feels someone else should be “named and shamed” to make their own regret and remorse evaporate. We teach people […]

Am I to Be Forgiven? Redemption.

It’s easy for people to say they are sorry and NOT mean it. The recent “struggle sessions” that have grown popular on social media is just that. A witch hunt starts for an individual by overly involved people who take it upon themselves to be DEEPLY offended. They hunt down their subject, torturing them, bullying […]

Everyone is photoshopped !

Sometimes, if I go on Instagram and see someone my age that I know from Hollyweird…I will feel pretty bad about how I look in comparison to their perfectly posed photos. Then, upon closer inspection….I cannot help but notice heavy filter/photoshop and feel better. Every SINGLE one of their pics is overdone. Not a single […]